10-8: Officers on Duty - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E15 The Wild and the Innocent Rico's sheriff's training gets into full swing as he and Barnes handle calls around the city. 02/01/2004
E14 Love Don't Love Nobody Star-crossed lovers are caught up in gang warfare. 01/25/2004
E13 Gypsy Road Deputies are forced to press charges against a remorseful 16-year-old girl who abandoned her baby. 01/18/2004
E12 Flirtin' With Disaster Deputies deal with a man who has taken a fifth-grade class hostage. 01/11/2004
E11 Lucy in the Sky When Rico helps bust up an illegal fight club, he takes a shine to one its female boxers. 12/21/2003
E10 The Wild Bunch Thieves invade homes posing as police officers. 12/07/2003
E9 Let It Bleed An Asian gang targets Rico for revenge after he witnesses a fatal shooting at a video store. 11/30/2003
E8 Gimme Shelter Barnes and Briggs warn Rico that he needs to stop letting emotion rule his work. 11/23/2003
E7 Late for School Rico gets a new training officer after a dizzy spell puts Barnes on desk duty. 11/09/2003
E6 Mercy, Mercy Me Rico is investigated after utilizing a self-defense technique picked up in Brooklyn. 11/02/2003
E5 Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik Barnes hopes an ex-con working in gang intervention can help him track down a ruthless murderer. 10/26/2003
E4 Badlands Ignoring the advice of Barnes, Rico searches for an abused boy's real father. 10/19/2003
E3 Gun of a Son Rico tries to figure out why his father has come to see him. 10/12/2003
E2 Hard Day's Night A black cat crosses Rico's path at the start of his shift, leading to a series of misadventures. 10/05/2003
E1 Brothers in Arms A one-time punk repudiates a life of crime to become a rookie police officer. 09/28/2003