Abby - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 Kiss My Ex Abby gives Will advice on how to salvage his rocky new romance. 03/04/2003
E8 Bare Naked Lady A nude photograph of Abby appears in an art exhibition. 02/25/2003
E7 Leggo My Ego Abby must fire a beloved sports hero as anchor; Will's friends throw him a bachelor party. 02/18/2003
E6 The Mama and the Papa Abby brings Will to her parents' (Michelle Phillips, Charlie Robinson) 30th anniversary party. 02/11/2003
E5 Abby Gets Her Groove Back Abby meets a great guy who turns out to be Will's best friend from high school. 02/04/2003
E4 Ted and Carol and Will and Abby Abby and Will scheme against each other to be the chosen friend of Carol and Ted. 01/21/2003
E3 Abby's First Date Abby goes out with a bore, but she can't help but wonder why he doesn't call her afterwards. 01/14/2003
E2 Moving On Abby attends a Kenny Lattimore concert only to find herself seated next to Will. 01/07/2003
E1 The Break Up Abby breaks up with Will, but he will not move out of their rent-controlled apartment. 01/06/2003