Ace of Cakes - Episode Guide for Season 10

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E7 Charm City Cakes Goes Back to the Future "Back to the Future" celebrates its 25th anniversary starring Michael J. Fox, Leah Thompson. 02/10/2011
E6 A Cake in Shining Armor Chef Duff makes 85 cupcakes for the 85th anniversary of the New York Rangers'; a knight cake. 02/03/2011
E5 Holidays on Icing 01/28/2011
E4 Come On Down! Duff is a surprise guest on "The Price is Right", creating three huge cakes for the show. 01/27/2011
E3 A Millionaire Moment Two enormous cakes due at the same time; 1500th anniversary of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". 01/20/2011
E2 Betty White Takes the Cake A cake balancing contest; Betty White receives a cake for her favorite animal charity. 01/13/2011
E1 US Open Chef Duff presents a cake at the US Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament in Flushing Meadows. 01/06/2011