Action Man - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 Mann's Best Friend 06/23/2001
E8 Triton Factor 06/01/2001
E7 Search and Destroy 05/25/2001
E6 Rumble, Part 2 A new villain named Quake wears Dr. X's Exo-Suit. 05/18/2001
E5 Rumble, Part 1 05/11/2001
E4 Tower of Power Number one fan. 05/04/2001
E3 Ground Zero A journalist tails Alex and team on a dangerous mission. 03/24/2001
E2 Thirst Action Ade sports drink is tainted with a gangrene toxin. 03/09/2001
E1 Green Thoughts 02/26/2001