Addicted to Beauty - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 Coup de Natasha Dr. Lee demands the staff make a marketing plan to save their jobs. 09/15/2009
E7 Mascara-Gate Natasha is absent from the pajama party; Dr. Lee and Mel send the team to boot camp. 09/15/2009
E6 Who's the Boss Dianne and Natasha's relationship is pushed to the limit; a VIP pajama party. 09/08/2009
E5 The Ultimate Facelift Dr. Lee looks for the new face of Changes; tensions rise as the teams re-do the office. 09/01/2009
E4 The Devil Wears Bronzer Dianne's relationship with Shannyn and Natasha is strained; Ronnie plays therapist. 08/25/2009
E3 Have You Seen Dianne? Natasha is forced to cover for Dianne; Dr. Lee questions the merger. 08/18/2009
E2 Show Me the Money Shannyn challenges the team to a sales competition; Natasha has a date with a visiting sales rep. 08/11/2009
E1 Changes in the Air Dr. Gilbert Lee and Dianne York-Goldman come together to form "Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa." 08/04/2009