Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 The Deported Group of men from the U.S. and Canada are repatriated to Haiti for crimes such as violent assaults. 05/25/2014
E5 Boys of Summer The Curacao youth baseball team heads to Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series. 02/10/2014
E4 Stories From Lakka Beach Five villagers talk about life on the beach village of Lakka in Sierra Leone. 02/03/2014
E3 War Don Don Issa Sesay awaits trial in the UN International Special Court following the Sierra Leone civil war. 01/27/2014
E2 Upaj: Improvise A 68-year-old artist and a 32-year-old tap dancer develop a friendship that bridges continents. 01/20/2014
E1 Doin' it in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball -- NYC Visits to 180 basketball courts throughout New York's five boroughs. 01/13/2014