Age of Love - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 Australia Finale Mark's family advises him about the final three women. 08/06/2007
E7 Fantasy Dates Mark must match up pictures of the women with pictures of their families. 07/30/2007
E6 No Title For this Episode Mark and the remaining women go camping in the California wilderness. 07/23/2007
E5 No Title For this Episode Mark takes three of the women surfing; two of the women go to Mark's house for a movie night. 07/16/2007
E4 No Title For this Episode Mark has one hour to have lunch with one woman from each group. 07/09/2007
E3 Go Play With Someone Your Own Age Mark has lunch with women who sit at different tables. 07/02/2007
E2 20s vs. 40s Mark meets the second group of women vying for his attentions. 06/25/2007
E1 No Title For this Episode Women vie for the attentions of Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis. 06/18/2007