Airline - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 Pushing the Limits Elderly passenger goes missing. 12/19/2005
E25 Crying for Help A man desperate to see his wife misses his connection. 12/12/2005
E24 The Waiting Game A passenger worries that his medication may not arrive; a flight to Philadelphia is overbooked. 12/12/2005
E23 Decision Time A beauty pageant contestant is afraid to fly; a mother expects to meet her young son off a flight. 11/28/2005
E22 Turbulence Everywhere Gina begins her career as a flight attendant; police must handle an angry group of passengers. 10/24/2005
E21 Going Places Gina enrolls in Southwest's flight-attendant training program; a comic entertains passengers. 10/17/2005
E20 Cruise Control Mechanical failure in the cockpit. 10/10/2005
E19 Taking Care of Business Red liquid shows up in baggage; Red Sox fans take an overbooked flight; young would-be pilots. 09/19/2005
E18 Love At First Flight Employee Tom proposes to a girlfriend. 09/12/2005
E17 Let's Face the Music and Dance Ballroom dancers head to Austin for a major dance competition. 08/29/2005
E16 Timing Is Everything At Chicago Midway, people missing flights; canceled flights. 08/29/2005
E15 It Takes All Sorts A passenger is pulled off a flight. 08/26/2005
E14 You Can't Take It With You A mangling in baggage-handling; gasoline in a backpack; a woman's credit card is maxed out. 08/15/2005
E13 South of the Border Young Americans help needy Mexican villagers; a couple arrives too late for their flight. 08/08/2005
E12 When the Going Gets Tough A rodeo star passes through; passengers miss their flights; passengers are in need of company. 07/25/2005
E11 Stormy Weather Mother Nature wreaks havoc in Houston. 07/18/2005
E10 Cabin Fever A woman fears flying; a Russian family misses its flight; security angers a man. 07/11/2005
E9 Mind Over Matter Passenger, 108, boards in Chicago. 06/27/2005
E8 Risky Business Poker players break out the cards on their flight to Las Vegas. 06/20/2005
E7 Life Swap Ballet dancer seeks job in Las Vegas. 06/06/2005
E6 April Fool A passenger has an invisible wife. 05/23/2005
E5 A Hard Day's Flight Beatles tribute band can't fly. 05/16/2005
E4 Mardi Gras Mardi Gras costume competitors. 05/09/2005
E3 Things That Go Bump at the Airport Ghostbuster senses spiritual activity. 05/09/2005
E2 The Sky's the Limit DJ Rapture drowns his sorrows. 05/02/2005
E1 Takes Two to Tango Elderly passenger's ailments act up. 05/02/2005