Alias Smith and Jones - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 Only Three to a Bed The boys plan to make money by bringing in a herd of wild horses. 01/13/1973
E11 Witness to a Lynching Heyes and Curry are hired to escort two witnesses to a lynching. 12/16/1972
E10 McGuffin Heyes and Curry become involved with a man who claims he is a U.S. Treasury agent. 12/09/1972
E9 The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick The men jeopardize their amnesty by going south of the border. 12/02/1972
E8 The Day the Amnesty Came Through A change in governors fulfills Heyes' and Curry's hopes for amnesty. 11/25/1972
E7 The Ten Days That Shook Kid Curry Curry is imprisoned in a scheme to get the pair blamed for an ingenious bank robbery. 11/04/1972
E6 What Happened at the XST? Heyes and Curry arrive in a Wyoming town to help an old friend dig up buried loot. 10/28/1972
E5 Bushwack! Heyes and Curry become embroiled in a range war. 10/21/1972
E4 The Clementine Ingredient Clementine must pose as Curry's wife when the outlaws decide to retire in Mexico. 10/07/1972
E3 The McCreedy Feud McCreedy hires Heyes and Curry to end his feud with Mexican rancher Armendariz. 09/30/1972
E2 High Lonesome Country A greedy rancher seeking a bounty hires Heyes and Curry to supposedly trap animals. 09/23/1972
E1 The Long Chase To help Heyes and Curry escape from a posse, Briscoe says he is taking them into custody. 09/16/1972