Alice - Episode Guide for Season 9

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E16 Th-Th-Th-That's All, Folks! The gang reflects on old times after Mel sells his diner to a land developer. 03/19/1985
E15 Vera's Grounded Gumshoe Elliot quits the police force after he accidentally shoots himself. 03/12/1985
E14 One on One Mel offers to train Jolene when she decides to try out for a spot on a women's basketball team. 03/05/1985
E13 The Night They Raided Debbie's Vera and Elliot rent their spare room to their tyranical one-time landlady. 02/06/1985
E12 Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore A country-music singer and a writer compete for Alice's affection. 02/05/1985
E11 Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore A famous country-music singer asks Alice to join him on his tour. 01/29/1985
E10 Vera, the Nightbird Mel's in for a surprise when he falls for a radio disc jockey. 01/22/1985
E9 Kiss the Grill Goodbye Mel is forced to close the diner when a new restaurant opens up down the street. 01/15/1985
E8 Vera's Anniversary Blues Vera and Elliot's first wedding anniversary takes an unexpected turn when she's arrested. 01/08/1985
E7 Footloose Mel Mel offers the use of his diner for a performance by a dance group. 12/23/1984
E6 Undercover Mel Elliot and Officer Maxwell enlist Mel's help as a decoy as they try to catch cattle rustlers. 12/16/1984
E5 Tommy's Lost Weekend Alice becomes concerned after Tommy comes home with a Mohawk and a hazy memory of the night. 11/25/1984
E4 Houseful of Hunnicutts Jolene is enjoying single life when her entire family stays in her small apartment. 11/18/1984
E3 Big Bad Mel Mel buys a nursery school and plans to tear it down to make a parking lot. 11/04/1984
E2 Space Sharples Mel thwarts a bank robbery while dressed up as Captain Galaxy for Halloween. He is hailed as a hero. 10/28/1984
E1 Romancing Mr. Stone Jolene and Vera try to help Alice's love life by placing an ad in the personals. 10/14/1984