Amazing Vacation Homes - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E16 Cliffhangers Didiayer Snyder journeys to the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Red Canyon Ranch. 05/01/2006
E15 Innovative Architecture Innovative home designs in Nova Scotia; Sonoma County. 04/20/2006
E14 Dramatic Settings Tucson; beach homes in Puerto Vallarta. 04/13/2006
E13 Prefab Fantasies Didiayer Snyder explores two homes on the cutting edge of prefab design. 04/02/2006
E12 California Dreaming Northern California. 03/09/2006
E11 Pacific Playgrounds Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Hilo, Hawaii. 03/09/2006
E10 Artistic Getaways Lecompton, Kan.; Sonoma County, Calif. 03/02/2006
E9 Eco-Friendly Architecture Mount Rainier National Park; Taos, New Mexico. 03/02/2006
E8 Imaginative Escapes The New England island of Martha's Vineyard; The Little Big House in Michigan. 02/23/2006
E7 Poolside Retreats Calistoga in Napa Valley; Long Island. 02/23/2006
E6 Far Out Places Vancouver Island, Canada; Sedona, Ariz. 02/09/2006
E5 Creative Escapes The Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County, Calif.; the Prefab Sculptors House. 02/09/2006
E4 Inspired Architecture Two Rivers, Wisconsin; Nova Scotia, Canada. 02/02/2006
E3 Natural Getaways A house made entirely of reclaimed wood; Lopez Island. 02/02/2006
E2 Classic Cubes A house built around a classic book; a structure called the "Blue Cube." 01/26/2006
E1 Reflective Retreats A house called the Chameleon in Leland, Mich.; the hamlet of Haliburton, Ontario. 01/26/2006