America's Most Wanted - Episode Guide for Season 25

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E43 A recent addition to the U.S. Marshal's 15 Most Wanted list. 10/12/2012
E42 A 28-year investigation into a woman's death; a son turns against his mother. 10/12/2012
E41 Denver authorities search for the killer of a man who was shot outside of a rap concert. 10/05/2012
E40 A shooting is caught on tape at a nail salon; a young father is stabbed in a fight. 09/28/2012
E39 A killer invades a home and shoots a woman on her birthday; a woman is attacked by her ex-boyfriend. 09/14/2012
E38 A volatile boyfriend grows suspicious of a man's relationship with his girlfriend. 09/07/2012
E37 John Walsh and the FBI search for a man accused of stealing millions from his company. 08/31/2012
E36 The Bold, the Bad, and the Brazen A child rapist and murderer flaunts his crimes in a series of clues targeted toward other children. 08/24/2012
E35 Cyber Tracking John Walsh looks into the impact of social media on the search for missing people. 08/17/2012
E34 A mother and daughter work together to fight against a rapist; a woman vanishes. 08/10/2012
E33 A veteran is killed during a night out with friends; a father finds his son has been stabbed. 08/03/2012
E32 Police hope surveillance footage will help them find the person who shot up a fast food restaurant. 07/20/2012
E31 Family Secrets Criminals betray loved ones; a husband's murder-for-hire plot; a father shoots his daughters. 07/13/2012
E30 An accused cocaine smuggler vanishes before his trial; a woman is murdered. 07/06/2012
E29 Police search for a man known as the Potomac River Rapist; tips lead to a killer's capture. 06/29/2012
E28 A con artist commissions an accomplice to steal a ring; a man's jealousy leads to a deadly plot. 06/22/2012
E27 A flight attendant is murdered in her apartment in a Chicago suburb; John Walsh travels to Chicago. 06/15/2012
E26 Sex Trafficking in America 2 John Walsh hunts traffickers who hold women and children against their will. 06/01/2012
E25 A man impersonates a police officer and robs a veteran; a brother allegedly murders his own sister. 05/25/2012
E24 John Walsh chases down a woman accused of abusing her daughter. 05/11/2012
E23 A woman fears for her family after a shooting claims her husband's life. 05/04/2012
E22 Bad Girls Female fugitives in America; a dancer proves she will use any weapon to carry out her revenge. 04/27/2012
E21 The FBI searches for a former teacher accused of taking pornographic photos of children. 04/20/2012
E20 Couples on the Run Walsh profiles dangerous duos wanted for fraud, child molestation or murder. 04/13/2012
E19 A woman's cell phone may hold the clue to finding her attacker; a New York deli owner is robbed. 04/06/2012
E18 A family fights for justice when a professional boxer is murdered; investigating a shooting spree. 03/30/2012
E17 A South Carolina couple is murdered; a former police officer is accused of murder. 03/23/2012
E16 John Walsh teams up with authorities to catch the suspected leader of a smuggling ring. 03/16/2012
E15 No information found. 03/09/2012
E14 No information found. 03/02/2012
E13 Profiles of people allegedly responsible for sex trafficking. 02/24/2012
E12 No information found. 02/17/2012
E11 No information found. 02/10/2012
E10 No information found. 02/03/2012
E9 No information found. 01/27/2012
E8 No information found. 01/20/2012
E7 No information found. 01/13/2012
E6 No information found. 01/06/2012
E5 No information found. 12/30/2011
E4 No information found. 12/23/2011
E3 No information found. 12/16/2011
E2 No information found. 12/09/2011
E1 No information found. 12/02/2011