Amish: Out of Order - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 A Very Ex-Amish Christmas Moses hosts a reunion for the ex-Amish community; the community creates a memorial for Cephas Yoder. 06/19/2012
E9 Living Fast Mose returns from his road trip determined to open a counseling center in Columbia; tragedy strikes. 06/12/2012
E8 Family Affairs Michaela realizes how much she misses her mother and reaches out to her. 06/05/2012
E7 Change of Faith The role that religion plays in the lives of Amish and ex-Amish alike; Mose confronts his beliefs. 05/29/2012
E6 Mending Fences Mose tries to reopen the lines of communication with his mother who still sees him as an outcast. 05/22/2012
E5 Amish in Public In Lancaster, Pa, Mose learns the crucial role that tourism plays in the life of the Amish. 05/15/2012
E4 9-to-5 Amish Michaela struggles with adjustment issues; Mose is rejected by his old community. 05/08/2012
E3 Can't Go Home Again A car crash causes an ex-Amish teen's friends to reassess their views on family and the hereafter. 05/01/2012
E2 Culture Clash Michaela, a non-Amish teenager with a troubled family history longs to join the Amish community. 04/24/2012
E1 Amish 101 Two brothers try to help a friend leave the sect; a man who yearns to return to his Amish family. 04/17/2012