Andy Richter Controls the Universe - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 Charity Begins in Cellblock D Andy begins to feel guilty about not volunteering his time to charity. 07/05/2004
E11 Final Fantasy Wendy writes a medieval short story about her relationship with Keith. 06/28/2004
E10 Duh Dog Byron and Andy are tasked to write a manual for a deep fryer. 06/21/2004
E8 The Maid Man Jessica catches Andy and her maid in a compromising position. 01/12/2003
E7 Crazy in Rio The new boss (Conan O'Brien) encourages employees to tattle on one another. 01/05/2003
E6 The Show Might Go On Wendy seeks a shot at musical exposure. 12/22/2002
E5 Relationship Ripcord Andy and the gang meet at Jessica's house to eavesdrop on a neighbor's therapy session. 12/17/2002
E4 Holy Sheep Byron joins a religious cult that worships a sacred sheep. 12/15/2002
E3 France Andy and Byron compete to land a business trip to France. 12/10/2002
E2 Twins Andy sets Jessica up with a guy from work who seems to have a split personality. 12/08/2002
E1 We're All the Same, Only Different Andy gets $3000 for recommending a candidate for a job. 12/01/2002