Animal Cops Miami - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Hunt for a Serial Killer Investigators and police search for a person killing and mutilating pet cats. 06/14/2010
E9 Miami Menagerie Animal cruelty investigators find two adopted dogs wandering the city streets in need of help. 03/22/2010
E8 Race for Life Investigators seek justice for a neglected dog and her puppy; German shepherds suffer in the heat. 03/15/2010
E7 Thirst for Life Animal cruelty investigators rescue a sickly puppy suffering without water or shelter. 03/08/2010
E6 Manatee Rescue A dramatic rescue to save a manatee's flipper uncovers a secret; on the hunt for a gang of poachers. 02/22/2010
E5 Biggest Rescue Ever 02/01/2010
E4 Biggest Rescue Ever Investigators save an injured alligator; 400 farm animals are rescued. 01/25/2010
E3 Betrayal Animal cruelty investigators are deceived by a hoarder. 01/23/2010
E2 Caught in the Act The Miami-Dade animal services unit investigates a man who may have beaten a cat. 01/11/2010
E1 Bear Rescue 01/04/2010