Animalia - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 What the World Needs Now The Creeper uses his knowledge of the Core to gain power and force the Animalians to do his bidding. 01/23/2010
E21 Back to the Present Alex and Zoe return to Animalia and join the fight against Tyrannicus' oppressive rule. 01/16/2010
E20 Paradise Found Alex and Zoe decide it's time to go home; Allegra and Tyrannicus both want to be the new leader. 01/09/2010
E19 Guardians of the Core Alex finds the Guardians of the Core Guidebook. 12/19/2009
E18 Tomorrow Alex and Zoe write an original sci-fi story. 12/12/2009
E17 The Dragon and the Night When a corespore goes missing, Animalians are not able to agree on anything. 12/05/2009
E16 A to Z Pages disappear from Animalia's Big Book of Words. 11/28/2009
E15 Ballad of the Creeper The Creeper invents a device that can corrupt the corespore. 11/21/2009
E14 Scary Story-Go-Round Everyone in Animalia gets a turn to tell one continuous scary story. 11/14/2009
E13 The Mystery of the Missing Melba Alex gets a video camera and begins doing research about the missing Melba. 11/07/2009
E12 The Animal Within Alex and Zoe are appalled by the lack of table manners displayed by the Horrible Hogs. 10/31/2009
E11 Taking a Guilt Trip Alex feels guilty after helping the Creeper escape from the portal. 06/19/2008
E10 Alex's Treasure Island A corespore blows during a performance of "Treasure Island." 10/17/2009
E9 The Day Zoe Listened Alex bets Zoe she can't get through a full day without talking. 10/10/2009
E8 Tunnel King The Animalians get stuck in the tunnels. 10/03/2009
E7 Getting Over the Glums The search is on for the funniest joke in Animalia. 02/28/2009
E6 The Dream-Weavers Alex and Zoe search for the Dream-Weaver to rescue Animalia from nightmares. 02/21/2009
E5 Nothing But the Truth Tyrannicus starts a rumor that Livingstone is going to retire. 02/14/2009
E4 The World According to Iggy The Creeper goes after Erno and Elni while Iggy cares for their baby, Echo. 02/07/2009
E3 The Call to Action Livingstone wants to reconcile with the Creeper, but T.C. is uncooperative. 01/31/2009
E2 Whistling in the Dark Alex and Zoe visit a room filled with Animalian relics. 01/24/2009
E1 Alex's Secret Code Alex discovers symbols in a cave that help explain the history of Animalia. 01/17/2009