Are We There Yet? - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E56 The Identity Theft Episode Nick's identity is stolen; Suzanne takes a week off to attend a wedding. 03/16/2013
E55 The Sex Symbol Episode Nick is voted as Seattle's Sexiest Sportscaster, but the title comes with downsides. 03/15/2013
E54 The Blackout Episode A night out with the guys leaves Nick missing his wedding ring. 03/07/2013
E53 The Good Day Seattle Episode The station launches a new morning show, but Nick's cohost is a self-serving reality star. 03/01/2013
E52 The Spelling Bee Episode Nick meets a famous actor and shadows him; Kevin prepares for a spelling bee. 12/28/2012
E51 The Hand on a House Episode Nick and others attempt to win a house by entering a contest. 12/27/2012
E50 The Kleptomaniac Episode Nick is asked to host a charity walkathon; Marilyn's bracelet is missing. 12/27/2012
E49 The Bucket List Episode Nick creates a bucket list; Kevin and Troy start selling candy at school. 12/27/2012
E48 The Concussion Episode After getting a concussion, Nick is advised to stay up for a few hours. 12/26/2012
E47 The Wrong Way Episode An incident from his past returns to haunt Nick at his reunion; Lindsey prepares a feast. 12/24/2012
E46 The Black Friday Episode Comical chaos ensues when the gang waits in line to shop at a department store on Black Friday. 12/21/2012
E45 The Bigg Box Klub Episode The gang shop until they drop when they get a membership at a discount bulk store. 12/20/2012
E45 The Insignificant Anniversary Episode Nick forgets an anniversary while the children star in internet videos wearing superhero costumes. 11/15/2012
E44 The Long Con Episode Kevin buys a cheap mask at a yard sale that may be valuable; Lindsey prepares for a date. 12/19/2012
E42 The Timeshare Episode Marilyn begins to date a younger man, but Nick doubts his true intentions. Kevin breaks his arm. 12/13/2012
E42 The Open Mic Gaffe Episode Nick insulta a compañero de trabajo olvidando que micrófono está abierto; niños ayudan a Marilyn. 12/12/2012
E41 The Insignificant Anniversary Episode Nick olvida un aniversario mientras los niños hacen videos vistiendo trajes de superhéroes. 11/15/2012
E41 The Open Mic Gaffe Episode Nick insults a work colleage forgetting his microphone is on; the children help Marilyn. 12/12/2012
E40 The Inappropriate Website Episode Nick pulls up an adult web site at work on accident; Suzanne stays at home for a couch delivery. 11/13/2012
E40 The Thanksgiving Episode Todo el clan Kingston está en casa para el Día de Acción de Gracias, pero Suzanne olvidó el pavo. 11/14/2012
E39 The Inappropriate Website Episode Nick abre accidentalmente un sitio de Internet para adultos en el trabajo; Suzanne se queda en casa. 11/13/2012
E38 The Cyrano Episode Nick helps a coworker by writing love letters to a woman on a dating site. 11/12/2012
E37 The Satchel Pagge Episode Nick is looking for a man with a voice of gold; Suzanne loses Gigi's expensive sweater. 11/12/2012
E36 The Hypertension Episode After learning he has high blood pressure, Nick tries to reduce his stress. 11/09/2012
E36 The Thanksgiving Episode The entire Kingston-Persons clan is at the house, but Suzanne's forgotten one thing- the turkey. 11/14/2012
E35 The Life Insurance Episode Nick and Suzanne realize that life insurance would be a good decision but has reservations. 11/02/2012
E34 The Secret Episode Secrets can't be kept about Lindsey's new crush and Gigi's new boyfriend. 11/01/2012
E33 The Pocket Dial Episode Nick overhears Suzanne tell Gigi something personal when he's accidentally pocket-dialed. 10/31/2012
E32 The Blockbuster Movie Episode Nick and Suzanne have a hard time getting on the same schedule to go see a new anticipated movie. 10/30/2012
E31 The Kwandanegaba Children's Fund Episode Nick is suspicious of an online charity that keeps asking for more money. 10/29/2012
E30 The Silent Treatment Episode Suzanne gets upset with Nick for not listening to her, and the two stop talking to each other. 10/26/2012
E29 The Nick Gets an Assistance Episode Nick's boss forces him to hire an assistant, who gets to close to Nick's family. 10/25/2012
E28 The Nick Hosts a Telethon Episode Nick hosts a charity telethon despite being warned not to; Suzanne deals with a boring client. 10/24/2012
E27 The Family Portrait Episode Suzanne has a tough time getting the whole family together for a portrait. 10/23/2012
E26 The Big Loan Episode Suzanne tries to keep Nick's birthday present a surprise by taking our a loan from Marilyn. 10/22/2012
E25 The Nick Gets Promoted Episode Nick struggles to prove himself when he is promoted to co host. 10/19/2012
E24 The House Sitter's Episode Nick and Suzanne wonder if they're being played for fools by the house sitters next door. 10/18/2012
E23 The Career Day Episode Nick confuses Kevin's classmates when speaking on Career Day. 10/17/2012
E22 The Lindsey Dances Episode Lindsey auditions to dance in a music video, but has a tough time because of her inexperience. 10/16/2012
E21 The V.I.P. Tickets Episode Suzanne gets mad when Nick invites Martin to a sporting event instead of her. 10/15/2012
E20 The Quarantine Episode The family must stay at home after Marilyn brings the flu back from a trip to Mexico. 10/12/2012
E19 The Tit for Tat Episode Nick's job is threatened by a newly hired woman at the station. 10/11/2012
E18 The Mother's-in-Law Episode Suzanne's mother attacks Nick for being an inadequate husband. 10/10/2012
E17 The Lemon Squeeze Episode Gigi tries to help the family solve their problems and stop fighting. 10/09/2012
E16 The Ghost Dog Episode The family ignores Nick's choking because they think it's another prank, Nick almost dies. 10/09/2012
E15 The Control Issue Episode Suzanne gives up her controlling ways, and the household suffers. 10/05/2012
E14 The Master of Ceremonies Episode Nick makes Suzanne the butt of his jokes while hosting an awards ceremony. 10/04/2012
E13 The Expensive Purse Episode Suzanne secretly buys herself a purse after Nick refuses to make the purchase. 10/03/2012
E12 The Tiger Dad Episode Nick becomes a more influential parent, so he pushes Kevin and Lindsey hard. 10/02/2012
E11 My First Job Episode Lindsey learns about stealing at the workplace when she lands her first job and gives out free food. 10/01/2012
E10 The Father's Day Episode Nick is disappointed when Frank crashes his Father's Day trip. 09/28/2012
E9 The Green Episode The family has a harder time than expected when they decide to "go green." 09/27/2012
E8 The Second Black President Episode Kevin is torn on how to run his campaign for class president. 09/26/2012
E7 The Suzanne Gets Arrested Episode Suzanne's stubborn need to argue her point gets her arrested. 09/25/2012
E6 The Regift Epiosde Nick gets upset when he sees that a bracelet he gave to Marilyn is regifted to Suzanne. 09/24/2012
E5 The Cooking Episode Suzanne and Nick compete in the kitchen when Nick calls cooking "easy." 09/21/2012
E4 The 22 Episode The family oversleeps on the day Lindsey is set to sing the national anthem at a baseball game. 09/20/2012
E3 The Bad Dream Episode Kevin and Nick go to an R-rated movie, but Kevin has nightmares from seeing it. 09/18/2012
E2 The Thief Episode Lindsey steals money to from Gigi's purse in order to attend a concert. 09/18/2012
E1 The Staycation Episode Nick turns the house into a makeshift resort and promises to give the family the best vacation ever. 09/17/2012