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Season 1, Episode 6

Genre: Reality, Travel, Action

Premise: The fact that Kevin Michael Connolly was born without legs doesn't stop him from pursuing his passions, among them skateboarding, mountain climbing and skiing. And he does all of this without the aid of a wheelchair or prosthetics. ``Armed & Ready'' is a shout-out of sorts to Connolly and his thirst for thrills, and the half-hour series is also a showcase for the inventions he devises that help him push the limits of his world. The rigs include a turkey-roasting pan for wakeboarding, a modified saddle with extra straps for horse jousting, and an airline-grade seatbelt and hand brake for street luging. Engineers and scientists aid in the creative process, and then Connolly attempts such adventures as traversing river rapids, climbing 50-foot trees with lumberjacks, cliff-diving headfirst into the Pacific Ocean, and surfing in Hawaii.

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