Arthur - Episode Guide for Season 17

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Binky's Music Madness; Brain Freeze Binky doesn't like the funky experimental music group that's touring around Elwood City. 05/14/2014
E9 Caught in the Crosswires; Framed Muffy and her family are chosen for a reality TV project; Buster wins the best young artist award. 05/13/2014
E8 The Director's Cut; Crime and Consequences George is inspired to make a movie after meeting his hero, Hollywood director Tufton Sinclair. 05/12/2014
E7 Pets and Pests; Go Fly a Kite Arthur enlists the help of an expert mouse catcher; Binky, Muffy and Ladonna find a kite. 04/22/2014
E6 Speak Up Francine; Waiting for Snow Francine must overcome her fear of public speaking; Ladonna dreams of skiing and sledding. 04/21/2014
E5 All Thumbs; Kidonia Arthur catches Buster sucking his thumb; Arthur and the gang create their own country. 11/15/2013
E4 Opposites Distract; Just the Ticket Arthur and Buster discover they make better friends than roommates; Arthur wins concert tickets. 11/14/2013
E3 Molina's Mulligan; Buster Bombs Alberto takes up golf and starts competing at the country club; Buster loses his flair for comedy. 11/13/2013
E2 Adventures in Budylon; Ladonna Compson: Party Animal D.W. and Bud take a wilderness adventure; Ladonna is determined to experience all fall activities. 11/12/2013
E1 Show Off; Dog's Best Friend Killer faces off against Sebastian Winkleplotz at the Elwood City dog show; Arthur watches Amigo. 11/11/2013