A.U.S.A. - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 The Kiss Adam flirts with fellow prosecutor Ana in an effort to fluster Susan. 04/01/2003
E7 Sullivan, Rakoff & Associate Adam hopes romance will blossom when he and Susan embark on a trip to Arizona to prepare a witness. 03/18/2003
E6 Walter's First Law Suit Adam buys his paralegal, Walter, a new suit and preps him for his first date. 03/11/2003
E5 The Joint Report ... A Love Story Adam has an affair with a judge and receives a prized nomination. 03/04/2003
E4 Till Death Do Us Part Adam receives a death threat after questioning a mobster (David Proval). 02/25/2003
E3 12 Happy Grandmothers Aware of his boyish charm, Adam endeavors to stack his jury with elderly women. 02/18/2003
E2 Rich Man, Poor Man A former classmate offers Adam a lucrative job with a prestigious law firm. 02/11/2003
E1 Pilot An assistant U.S. Attorney goes head-to-head with his former classmate. 02/04/2003