Baking Made Easy - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Pizza Party Pizza dough; finished pizza; focaccia; calzones; stromboli; breadsticks. 12/10/2011
E12 Much Better Than Store Bought Cookies with prune and apricot filling; biscotti; mandelbrot. 12/03/2011
E11 Whimsical Baking Life-size cigar cookies with edible ash; garlic and chive tuile cookies; parmesan crisp-discs. 11/26/2011
E10 Holiday -- Christmas Morning Homemade bread; Christmas morning cinnamon buns; snowy-mixed nut butter buttons. 11/19/2011
E9 Sandwich Cookie Secrets Peanut butter and jam hearts; chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla filling. 11/12/2011
E8 Thanksgiving Corn Breads Cornmeal muffins; skilled corn bread; Indian apple gingerbread; date nut pudding pie. 11/05/2011
E7 Drop Dead Gorgeous Holiday Desserts Pumpkin custard torte with ganache top, garnished with pepita praline and chocolate leaves. 10/29/2011
E6 Christmas Breads for the Holidays Panettone; yeasted coffee cake. 10/22/2011
E5 Bread for Life Challah breads; twisted and braided rolls; sandwich loaf; homemade butter. 10/15/2011
E4 Two-Toned Baking Marbled pound cake; jumbo black and white cookies. 10/08/2011
E3 Tea Time Favorites Biscuit mix; sweet cream biscuits; orange-scented currant scones; mixed blueberry shortcakes. 10/01/2011
E2 Flat Breads All Day Homemade flour tortillas; flat-bread sesame crackers; fried Indian bread. 09/24/2011
E1 Stuffed Brownies and Buzzed Blondies Midnight brownies with a peanut butter pocket; buzzed blondies; chocolate cream cheese brownies. 09/17/2011