Ball Boys - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 The Perfect Season Football great Warren Moon helps Senior make a decision; Sweet Lou tries to land a coveted helmet. 06/17/2012
E11 The Art of the Sale Sweet Lou gets a lesson from NFL legend Art Donovan; Senior worries about the shop's future. 06/10/2012
E10 The Greatest Junior and Senior get help mending their relationship from baseball great Pete Rose. 06/09/2012
E9 Don't Hassle the HOF Senior faces off with football legend Jim Brown; Junior negotiates a major deal. 06/02/2012
E8 The Book of Ruth MLB player Logan Morrison messes with Sweet Lou; Junior upsets his father during a negotiation. 05/12/2012
E7 High Flyers A 4-year-old girl shows up Sweet Lou; a college student tries to sell a Bo Jackson jersey. 04/21/2012
E6 Place Your Bats Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose shares an impromptu lesson with Sweet Lou. 04/14/2012
E5 Stadium Dirt Mickey Mantle's triple crown and the first Heisman trophy; Sweet Lou tries to impress Senior. 04/07/2012
E4 Shirts & Skins Washington Redskins collection; Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves jersey; Magic Johnson signed basketball. 03/31/2012
E3 Strike It Rich Former basketball player Jalen Rose stops by to school Junior; a customer crosses the line. 03/31/2012
E2 Take Your Base The guys set out to find Senior a gift and end up haggling over a Yankees item. 03/24/2012
E1 Lord of the Ring Robbie Sr. looks for a Notre Dame item; Robbie Sr. calls in Jim Brown to authenticate his autograph. 03/24/2012