Barney & Friends - Episode Guide for Season 14

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E20 The New Kid; The Princess and the Frog BJ feels left out when Riff meets a friend at the park; Baby Bop learns about keeping one's word. 11/02/2010
E19 The Blame Game; Airplanes Marcos accidentally breaks Melanie's art project; Riff takes apart BJ's plane. 11/01/2010
E18 Mother Goose; Fun With Reading Mother Goose characters need help finding their rhymes; BJ hurts his toe but doesn't want to rest. 10/28/2010
E17 The Shrinking Blankey; Things I Can Do Baby Bop is convinced she is shrinking; Baby Bop wants to do more things. 10/27/2010
E16 Best in Show; Ducks and Fish BJ and his friend participate in the dog show; Riff protects a nest of duck eggs. 10/26/2010
E15 Seeing; Beethoven's Hear! During a game of hide and seek, Baby Bop claims an elephant is hiding in the park. 10/22/2010
E14 The Emperor's Contest; The Whole Truth Ryan is not excited about the fishing contest because he doesn't want to follow the rules. 10/21/2010
E13 Playing Games; No, No, No! Baby Bop learns how to follow the rules; Baby Bop learns that the word "no" is not always bad. 10/20/2010
E12 Big as Barney; The Chase Ryan tries to be just like Barney; Barney and his friends want to play the same role. 10/19/2010
E11 The Big Garden; Get Happy! Baby Bop can't wait for her friends to come to play; everyone tries to cheer up a sad little girl. 10/18/2010
E10 Rabbits; Listen BJ investigates who nibbled on Baby Bop's snack; Riff investigates a sound in the park. 10/15/2010
E9 China; Welcome, Cousin Riff BJ's pen pal from China visits; BJ and Baby Bop find out their cousin Riff is moving to town. 10/14/2010
E8 Butterflies; The Nature of Things Baby Bop loses her pet caterpillar, Monty; Rachel learns the importance of keeping the park clean. 10/13/2010
E7 Little Red Rockin' Hood; Differences Barney and the little dinos sing the story of "Little Red Riding Hood"; wheelchair-bound friend. 10/12/2010
E6 Bop 'til You Drop; Sharing Baby Bop becomes too bossy; Riff accidentally wrecks BJ's scooter. 10/11/2010
E5 Pistachio; BJ's Snack Attack Barney can't stop eating pistachios; BJ feels sick after eating too many sweets. 10/08/2010
E4 Movement; Separation BJ and Baby Bop help Barney get ready for a race; Baby Bop misses BJ and Riff when they go camping. 10/07/2010
E3 The Magic Caboose; Arts Melanie misses her friend who is visiting relatives in India; art festival in the park. 10/06/2010
E2 Riff's Musical Zoo; Boats Riff gathers instruments that sound like real animals; Baby Bop wants to ride in a big boat. 10/05/2010
E1 Gift of the Dinos; Winter BJ wants a new baseball glove while Riff hopes for new drumsticks; Baby Bop wonders if it will snow. 10/04/2010