Barney Miller - Episode Guide for Season 8

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Landmark Friends and foes drop by to say goodbye as the detectives prepare to leave for new assignments. 05/20/1982
E21 Landmark The 12th Precinct is sold; Dietrich arrests the head of a crime school. 05/13/1982
E20 Landmark Barney and his staff learn that the precinct may be sold to a private business. 05/06/1982
E19 Bones The detectives contend with an Indian protesting a museum's plan to exhibit his ancestors' remains. 04/30/1982
E18 Altercation Commotion fills the precinct when a man who won a lawsuit against Harris stops by for a visit. 04/09/1982
E17 Old Love A former child star assaults his agent with a telephone; a good Samaritan is charged with assault. 04/02/1982
E16 Inquiry A departmental investigation begins after Wojo shoots a liquor store robber. 03/26/1982
E15 Obituary A man assaults a journalist for writing a premature obituary. 03/11/1982
E14 Arrival Luger's surprised when his mail-order bride arrives from the Philippines. 02/25/1982
E13 Hunger Strike Harris hauls in a man who chained himself to a fence to protest nuclear weapons. 02/18/1982
E12 Chinatown Harris and Dietrich interrogate a key witness to a gang murder. 02/11/1982
E11 Chinatown Lieutenant Scanlon falls for a wealthy mugging victim; The squad investigates Chinatown gang wars. 02/04/1982
E10 The Clown A bureaucrat alleviates jail overcrowding by releasing inmates in the dead of night. 01/21/1982
E9 Examination Day The plainclothes detectives step in while the rest of the force takes an examination. 01/14/1982
E8 The Tontine Wojo and Dietrich rush to save an elderly man who wants to commit suicide. 01/07/1982
E7 Homeless The homeless flock to the Twelfth Precinct at Christmas; a livid greeting-card writer loses his job. 12/17/1981
E6 Games KGB agent frustrates an FBI probe; microchips are being exported to Poland. 12/10/1981
E5 Stress Analyzer Dietrich's portable stress analyzer stops working while he's investigating an assault case. 11/26/1981
E4 Possession Barney calls in the police chaplain when a man claims he is possessed by a demon. 11/19/1981
E3 The Car A 1957 DeSoto is the prized possession of a man who admits he stole the car 25 years ago. 11/12/1981
E2 Advancement With retirement nearing, Luger faces loneliness and considers a mail-order bride. 11/05/1981
E1 Paternity A beauty queen has her purse snatched; Wojo is slapped with a paternity suit. 10/29/1981