Benson - Episode Guide for Season 7

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 And the Winner Is ... The race between Benson and the governor heats up. 04/19/1986
E21 Friends and Enemies Governor Gatling's latest term about to end, the assumption is that he can't run again. 04/12/1986
E20 Three on a Mismatch The Governor answers a personals ad; Gatling dates Benson's old flame. 03/29/1986
E19 Hi, Society News of Benson's secret Senate witness leaks out. 03/22/1986
E18 Pardon Me A pardoned convict wants to stay at the mansion. 03/08/1986
E17 The Bucks Stop Here Clayton's worried that he's about to lose his family inheritance. 03/01/1986
E16 The Hat and the Ring Benson thinks Sen. Hartford wants to get married. 03/22/1986
E15 Reel Murder The plot thickens as Benson and George Kennedy become stranded at the governor's mansion. 02/15/1986
E14 Reel Murder A director is slain while filming in the mansion. 02/08/1986
E13 Parade Rest Benson helps a Vietnam veteran fight for disability money. 02/01/1986
E12 Summer of Discontent Benson endures a harrowing visit from his namesake nephew. 01/25/1986
E11 Secret Love A committee learns Clayton lives with a Soviet defector. 01/18/1986
E10 The Last Man on Earth After talk about Halley's comet, Kraus dreams that she and Benson are the only ones left on earth. 01/25/1986
E9 Two Boys and Their Dog Clayton buys Benson a basset hound as an investment. 12/13/1985
E8 Flight of the Dodo The stranded party decides to fix the helicopter. 12/06/1985
E7 Flight of the Dodo Benson, Gatling, Clayton and a golfer crash their helicopter. 11/29/1985
E6 $1 Million an Hour Benson must spend an $8 million surplus in eight hours. 11/15/1985
E5 We Spy Benson and Kraus are mistaken for spies in East Berlin. 11/08/1985
E4 The Stranger Mr. G. Reaper arrives on a stormy Halloween. 10/25/1985
E3 Uncle Jack The governor's long-lost younger brother suddenly arrives. 10/18/1985
E2 Love and Politics Benson and a state senator mix politics and romance. 10/11/1985
E1 Benson the Hero A robber whom Benson stopped sues him for damages. 10/04/1985