Big Medicine - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E18 Most Extreme Patients 11/18/2009
E17 A Family Affair 10/21/2009
E16 The Skinny on Diabetes 07/09/2009
E15 The Heavy Price of Obesity A woman must lose weight after a series of surgeries. 07/01/2009
E14 Everything to Lose 06/25/2009
E13 Allen Walks A man who once weighed half a ton walks for the first time in a decade. 06/11/2009
E12 A woman decides she needs to have surgery if she wants to have a normal life. 05/18/2008
E11 A woman realizes that she must lose weight; a woman deals with sagging skin. 05/18/2008
E10 A woman finally takes steps to shed the weight that was once a source of ridicule. 05/18/2008
E9 After losing more than 600 pounds, a patient attempts to walk for the first time in 10 years. 05/18/2008
E8 Party's Over Doctors deny surgery for Erin; Louise must give up her wild ways before she can have surgery. 03/05/2008
E7 Making Amends Chris must deal with his involvement in the death of a friend; Tammy reconnects with her family. 02/27/2008
E6 Obesity and Children Tiffany works to drop more weight prior to her surgery. 02/20/2008
E5 Life or Death Doctors struggle to convince Tiffany to enter a weight-loss facility before it is too late. 02/13/2008
E4 Why I Am Gaining Weight Gastric bypass surgery; excess skin around the knees. 01/30/2008
E3 The Most Extreme Skin Removal Melissa undergoes surgery; Kim plans surgery to remove her excess skin. 01/23/2008
E2 Obesity and Marriage Allen is nearly able to walk for the first time in years. 01/16/2008
E1 Losing Large Double mastectomy; Vanessa wants sagging skin removed; Rachel gets ready for surgery. 01/09/2008