Bizarre ER - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Toasted by a Toaster Cases include the youngster who eats a sparkler, and a granny electrocuted by her toaster. 05/30/2011
E9 Near-Fatal Slam Dunk Cases include the tree surgeon whose fingers are crushed, and a schoolboy with a pencil in his ear. 05/23/2011
E8 Impaled on a Fence Post A woman mangles her hand in a printing machine, a plumber has a reaction to a wasp sting. 05/16/2011
E7 Hand Transplant Cases include the man who carved into his hand with a Stanley knife and a trampled horse lover. 05/09/2011
E6 Polar Bear Attack A man rips open his wrist with a machete; a teenager terrorized by a terrier. 05/02/2011
E5 Face Peel A toddler's bath toy gets stuck on his finger; a carpenter's hand is nearly severed with a chop saw. 04/25/2011
E4 Skull on Ice A life-threatening allergic reaction to a Halloween mask; A skateboarder's skull is saved with ice. 04/18/2011
E3 Pierced By a Pole Turnip dropped on foot; eyelid ripped in half; hook stuck in nose; man crushed by a leaping dolphin. 04/11/2011
E2 Black Death in the Big Apple American couple nearly dies from bubonic plague. 04/04/2011
E1 Killer Bee Blitz A man superglues a tiny hat to his head; A swarm of 2000 killer bees attack a barber. 03/28/2011