Bram and Alice - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Alice's mother comes to New York to tell Bram Alice is living there. 02/17/2004
E8 Scribbling Rivalry Bram favors alice's date writing over her own; Katie asks Paul to help her move furniture. 02/16/2004
E7 Book of the Dead After neighbor Martin Fitzgerald passes away; Bram attends memorial service to steel the book. 02/15/2004
E6 Getting to Know You Bram convinces a magazine writer to interview him on his own supposed new novel. 02/14/2004
E5 Required Reading Bram tricks Alice into reading a student novel by a model who he'd like to seduce, but not read. 11/10/2002
E4 Goody Two Shoes Alice tries to show Bram that she is not always a goody-two-shoes. 10/27/2002
E3 Paul-Pot Bram tries to make a quick buck by hosting a poker game, but loses his assistant, Paul. 10/20/2002
E2 Cat Burglar Alice interferes with Bram's attempt to seduce a neighbor, he retaliates by getting rid of her cat. 10/13/2002
E1 Pilot A struggling writer learns that her literary hero is also her father. 10/06/2002