Brooklyn Bridge - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 No Time Like the Future Russians have launched Sputnik; Fear of an attack on the United States leads to confessions. 08/06/1993
E12 The Hollywood Country Club The impending sale of his parents' Catskills bungalow upsets George. 07/30/1993
E11 Keeping Up With the Joneses Phyllis gives a dinner party; Grandma disapproves that the rest of the family wasn't invited. 07/23/1993
E10 The Date Alan and his friends prepare for their first high school dance; Sid and Benny are stood up. 07/16/1993
E9 The Wild Pitch Sophie accidentally breaks Sid's window, touching off a feud. 04/24/1993
E8 Good as Gold To raise extra cash, George sells encyclopedias door to door. 04/17/1993
E7 In a Family Way Katie's sister (Yvonne Suhor) announces her pregnancy and her husband's transfer to California. 04/10/1993
E6 The Last Immigrant Cousin Jacob arrives from Poland; Jacob's family died in a concentration camps. 11/14/1992
E5 In the Still of the Night Alan joins a hoodlum rock group after their lead signer was arrested. 11/07/1992
E4 Nun but the Brave Katie blames herself for a nun's death after praying for an exam's cancellation. 10/03/1992
E3 Rockette to the Moon Katie's sister, Colleen a rockette asks permission to marry Charlie. 09/26/1992
E2 Plaza Sweet Mathaniel contracts Chicken Pox; Sophie's mothering makes Phyllis feel threatened. 09/19/1992
E1 Brave New Worlds Aunt Miriam has begun a new career, selling real estate on Long Island. 09/13/1992