Bully Beatdown - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Get the Poison Out A nightmare bully gets a beating from Jason Miller. 03/30/2012
E9 Biggest Bully Ever! Tayfun weighs over 330 pounds and is the largest bully ever to appear on the show. 06/04/2011
E8 A Bully Finds Religion A young man is picked on for his religion and nominated for prom queen. 05/28/2011
E7 Bring Out the Boar A cop's jock son torments twins. 12/23/2010
E6 Creatine Rage A pint-sized, gym rat bully fights Eddie Alvarez. 12/16/2010
E5 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow A bully bets his hair. 12/09/2010
E4 The Royal Rumble 12/02/2010
E3 Two Girls, One Cage Female bully Amanda enters the cage to take on MMA fighter Michelle Waterson. 11/18/2010
E2 The Truck Stops Here Nick sings in a death-metal band and makes life miserable for his victims. 11/11/2010
E1 Get the Poison Out 11/04/2010