Call 911 - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E17 Family Dramas at Home 03/17/2011
E16 No Time to Waste 03/16/2011
E15 Peril on the Ground and in the Skies 03/16/2011
E14 Family Held Hostage 03/15/2011
E13 High Risk Rescue 03/14/2011
E12 911 Nonsense A fan calls 911 to request a police escort; a man stops his Ferrari on train tracks. 03/11/2011
E11 911 Nonsense A museum burglar gets stuck in an air vent; drive thru lane emergencies; a lonely woman. 03/10/2011
E10 Extreme Tension 03/09/2011
E9 Seconds From Tragedy A man flees after shooting his wife; a cat wakes a woman in a burning house. 03/09/2011
E8 Sudden Terror A young boy hides in his bedroom while his house is being robbed; a boy suffers a violent seizure. 03/09/2011
E7 Critical Calls A purse snatcher's victim calls 911; a mother gives birth in a parking lot. 03/08/2011
E6 Mysterious Emergencies A mother is struck by lightning in her home; an injured cell phone caller. 03/08/2011
E5 Triple Traumas A man whose heart stopped beating 60 times; gasoline ignites in the face of a tractor operator. 03/07/2011
E4 Our Worst Nightmares A mother runs over her son's leg with a lawnmower; a man's shortness of breath. 03/04/2011
E3 Intersection Traumas Three sisters are trapped in a car after being hit by a pickup truck. 03/04/2011
E2 Tragedies at Home A family of four is trapped inside a burning house while a daughter watches outside in horror. 03/03/2011
E1 Unexpected Peril An elderly women is trapped in her burning house; a diabetic man falls into a coma. 03/01/2011