Chase - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E18 Annie Annie is forced to share details about her past when a case puts her father's life in danger. 05/21/2011
E17 The Man at the Altar The team enlists the help of a bounty hunter to capture a dangerous criminal. 05/14/2011
E16 Roundup Annie, Jimmy, Marco and Luke compete in a contest; Daisy makes a decision that changes her life. 05/07/2011
E15 Seven Years The marshals search for a fugitive who is desperately searching for proof of his own innocence. 04/30/2011
E14 Father Figure A corrupt cop preys on single mothers in hope of getting close to their young daughters. 04/23/2011
E13 Narco, Part 2 Annie vows to help a hostage being held by the drug cartel; Luke disagrees with the rescue plan. 01/26/2011
E12 Narco, Part 1 A drug distributor's wife kills the lead witness in her husband's case. 01/19/2011
E11 Betrayed A fugitive takes Houston hostage while in pursuit of his girlfriend, who has betrayed him. 12/06/2010
E10 Under the Radar The marshals chase small-town fugitives who lure innocent people into participating in bank heists. 11/29/2010
E9 Crazy Love A fugitive (Steven Strait) with a dark past flees with his teenage girlfriend. 11/22/2010
E8 The Longest Night When a serial killer escapes from prison, Annie must rely on another prisoner for help. 11/15/2010
E7 The Posse A U.S. Marshal impersonator kills people in a misguided attempt to capture fugitives. 11/08/2010
E6 Havoc Annie is injured while pursuing a fugitive and is forced to rely on Ben Crowley. 10/25/2010
E5 Above the Law White-collar fugitive turns violent trying to escape; sparks fly between Annie and a bounty hunter. 10/18/2010
E4 Paranoia A fugitive takes her young daughter with her on a killing spree across Texas. 10/11/2010
E3 The Comeback Kid A former mobster emerges from hiding after 17 years and goes on a killing spree. 10/04/2010
E2 Repo When a state trooper's son is murdered, Annie's team must track down a fugitive. 09/27/2010
E1 Pilot A team of U.S. Marshals led by Annie Frost searches for dangerous fugitive Mason Boyle. 09/20/2010