Cheaters - Episode Guide for Season 14

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 No Title For this Episode 05/12/2014
E21 No Title For this Episode 05/05/2014
E20 No Title For this Episode 04/28/2014
E19 No Title For this Episode 04/21/2014
E18 David Stevens; DeJuanna Hayes David's girlfriend mooches smooches from another man; DeJuanna's boyfriend dodges her. 04/14/2014
E17 Jessica McCarthy; Katherine Oliver Jessica's injured boyfriend uses his time at rehab to be with another woman. 04/07/2014
E16 Roshada Grier; Misti Elliot Roshada's boyfriend is up to no good; Misti's live-in boyfriend steps out with another woman. 02/24/2014
E15 Vanessa Upton; Claudia Adams Vanessa's boyfriend gets intimate during his personal training sessions. 02/17/2014
E14 Christopher Schneider; April Gomez Christopher's longtime girlfriend has a phobia for commitments. 02/10/2014
E13 Annette Reilly; Tom Leblanc Annette learns that her salesman husband has sold her out; Tom's girlfriend likes to play. 02/03/2014
E12 John Parks; Jennifer Walker John learns that his barista girlfriend puts the cream topping on another man's coffee. 01/27/2014
E11 Danny McCormick; Sanya Yip Danny discovers his girlfriend's cheating behavior; Sanya learns his girlfriend digs on wealthy men. 01/20/2014
E10 Bryan Bass; Barlisha Malone Bryan finds his girlfriend having drunken fun with another woman. 11/18/2013
E9 Jason MacArthur; Simon Read Jason finds his girlfriend promoting herself with another man. 11/11/2013
E8 Trevor Olson; Shaquana Finley Shaquana discovers that her handyman boyfriend gets hands-on with an employee. 11/04/2013
E7 Kelsey Hart; Amy Nelson Kelsey discovers her boyfriend with her backstabbing roommate. 10/28/2013
E6 Mindy Madden; Bobby Nymfo Kamp Bobby discovers that her girlfriend has another private dancer. 10/21/2013
E5 Beth Schilling; Lindsey Knight Beth finds her bass-playing boyfriend jazzing it up with another woman. 10/14/2013
E4 Rene Locke; Chandondra Janssen Rene learns that her boyfriend wants to end their relationship. 10/07/2013
E3 Elisabeth Greene; Desmond Hainsey Elisabeth discovers that her husband is making more than just art with his nude models. 09/30/2013
E2 Jessie Xavier; Brandy Shaw Jessie finds out his girlfriend is stepping out on him -- but not with another man. 09/23/2013
E1 Darin Gaffney; Alexis Shavers Darin discovers his wife is making other men look good and feel good. 09/16/2013