Clean Sweep - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E61 Digging Out the Man Room The "man room" becomes the dumping ground for long-forgotten items. 09/27/2005
E60 Sigma Alpha Messy The gang is at a fraternity house, which needs some organization. 09/26/2005
E59 Out of the Clutter A couple need an organizational system in the receiving room of their charitable thrift-store. 09/24/2005
E58 Clothing Explosion Extra clothing and empty shoe boxes are taking over. 09/17/2005
E57 Clutter Under the Bridge A friend wants to give a helping hand. 09/10/2005
E56 Clean Me Up Scotty Taking care of a sick mother leaves little time for this couple to keep their home clean. 09/03/2005
E55 Clean Sweep, Fresh Start A burglary leaves a couple's home in a shambles. 08/27/2005
E54 Out of Tune Rooms The mess in two offices drives clients away. 08/20/2005
E53 Viva La Clean Sweep! Both the master bedroom closet and the spare room overflow with clutter. 08/13/2005
E52 Hot Rod, Cold Clutter A new car pushes all the stuff from the garage into the house. 08/06/2005
E51 Where the Toys Are A playroom looks as though an explosion at a toy factory hit it. 07/30/2005
E50 Trash Can Crazy Her scrapbooking business overruns the office, and clothes overrun their bedroom. 07/25/2005
E49 Messy Baby, Messy! A Tom Jones impersonator and his wife feel overrun by costumes. 07/23/2005
E48 Bean Bag Blowout A study is too cluttered to get any studying done and a playroom looks like a junkyard. 07/16/2005
E47 Aloha Clutter A couple worries that office clutter will cause them to miss payments. 07/09/2005
E46 When Family Gets Messy A family's junk ends up in the den and overflows into one of the bedrooms. 07/06/2005
E45 Antiques Unload-Show A couple has not been able to sleep in their cluttered bedroom for four years. 07/01/2005
E44 Battle for Bruce Lee A couple want to reorganize things but keep their Bruce Lee collectibles. 06/17/2005
E43 Printing Press Mess A huge mess gets bigger with a purchase of a 1920s studio press. 06/10/2005
E42 Clutter Comes Alive A daughter comes home from college to her mother's clutter. 06/03/2005
E41 Caught in the Mouse Trap This couple's house is so packed, they don't have access to their front door. 05/27/2005
E40 Doing It for Mom A single mother's busy life makes it difficult to keep the house organized. 05/20/2005
E39 Portrait of a Clutter Bug When the baby arrives, the rest of the house is forgotten. 05/13/2005
E38 Rec Room Wreckage Two animators need some help with their organizational skills for their recreation room and office. 05/06/2005
E37 Jazzer-Sort Roommates have no room to exercise due to bedroom and office clutter. 04/29/2005
E36 DJ Clutter in Da House! A woman's bedroom is such a mess that she has to sleep elsewhere in the house. 04/20/2005
E35 Dressing Room Disaster Old props, leftover posters and costumes consume a dressing room. 04/13/2005
E34 Shipping Out the Mess Charles and Jamie's Internet business is taking over their living space. 04/06/2005
E33 Five-Alarm Mess Stacey and John's daughter is not allowed in their home office because of the clutter. 03/25/2005
E32 Living Room of Lost Toys Designer Molly Luetkemeyer helps bring back some elegance to Scott and Kelly's home. 03/23/2005
E31 Mother-Daughter Chaos "Clean Sweep" tries to unbury Elizabeth and Madeline from the racks of clothes and old items. 03/09/2005
E30 Clothes Make the Mess Christopher and Sabrina need to take back their bedroom from their clothes. 03/06/2005
E29 Hello Kitty, Good-Bye Mess Chandra and Alan are in need of getting their home back in order. 02/25/2005
E28 The Clutter Brothers A woman drives herself crazy trying to keep her two sons' rooms organized. 02/18/2005
E27 Going, Going, Gone! Peter Walsh tries to work his way through Scott and Kent's filth. 02/11/2005
E26 The Great T-Shirt Purge Trying to equal the balance of space for Brett and Mike in a cluttered residence. 02/04/2005
E25 When a Family Gets Messy A den and a bedroom become dumping grounds. 01/28/2005
E24 Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go! Lendell and Eboni want to find comfort in the living room and peace in the master bedroom. 01/21/2005
E23 Sewing the Seeds of Organization The team tries to improve a messy sewing room and a basement, dubbed "the black hole." 01/14/2005
E22 Experiments Gone Wild The team tries to make some room in a place with glass bricks and too many couches. 01/07/2005
E21 Tools for Organization The team tries to organize a couple's possessions. 12/10/2004
E20 Bringin' It All Into Focus The team looks for a playroom and a guest room underneath all the clutter. 12/03/2004
E19 Cure for Clutter Kate and Duffy need to get rid of furniture and art they don't like. 11/19/2004
E18 One Stormy Sort Taking the storage out of the new master bedroom. 11/12/2004
E17 Hanging On and Letting Go The master bedroom and home office are being taken over by used items. 11/12/2004
E16 Goin' to the Chapel of Clutter Getting through the dumping grounds of the playroom and workshop. 11/05/2004
E15 Yours, Mine and Finally Ours The team helps a couple, who recently moved in together, organize their possessions. 10/31/2004
E14 Rec Room Rescue Making the rec room functional for a family. 10/20/2004
E13 Sports of All Sorts A house overflows with items no longer in use, and books and sports memorabilia dominate space. 10/17/2004
E12 You've Got a Friend in Clean Sweep An obstacle course of sports equipment and baby clothes. 10/15/2004
E11 Lord & Lady Mess-A-Lot The team needs to unpack a house. 10/01/2004
E10 Escape From Magazine Mountain Tackling a house overrun by old magazines. 09/25/2004
E9 Taming the Wild Clutter-Bugs Paul and Sherilyn do not go into their garage unless it is necessary due to the amount of junk. 09/18/2004
E8 The Few, the Proud, the Unorganized Trying to find room in a home full of collectibles. 09/11/2004
E7 Monster-Sized Mess The team gets to work on a space crowded with everything from clothes to collectibles. 09/04/2004
E6 So Many Shoes, So Little Time The team helps Frazier with his shopping problem. 08/28/2004
E5 Bye-Bye Bird House Homeowners try to clear clutter out of a guest room. 08/21/2004
E4 Zero to Organized in 48 Hours Residents use the dining room as a storage area and fill the guest room with craft supplies. 08/14/2004
E3 Live and Let Go Host Tava Smiley is getting a workout with this space. 07/31/2004
E2 Everyday Is Like Christmas Unwrapping space for the whole family. 07/24/2004
E1 Save the Last Receipt for Me A man keeps a vast collection of business receipts. 07/21/2004