Clifford the Big Red Dog - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E25 Little Big Pup; Getting to Know You A small dog, Frankie, envies Clifford's size; Clifford and T-Bone become friends. 02/25/2003
E24 Dog House Rock; Guess Who's Coming to Birdwell Mac wants to join T-Bone's band; the dogs try to impress a famous dog. 02/24/2003
E23 Tie-Dye Clifford; Stage Struck Clifford tie-dyes himself; Emily helps Mary overcome her stage fright. 02/21/2003
E22 Food for Thought; Friends 4Ever Clifford thinks a new dog food will give him powers; T-Bone friend. 02/20/2003
E21 Led Astray; Wedding Bell Blues Clifford stands up to a dog trying to lead him astray; Ms. Carrington gets married. 02/19/2003
E20 A Big Help; The Trouble With Kittens Cleo and T-Bone learn that they can be helpful; kittens. 02/17/2003
E19 Flood of Imagination; Lights Out Clifford helps Cleo imagine an adventure story; power failure. 02/17/2003
E18 Fishing Lessons; No Baths for Cleo Charley promises to teach Emily how to fish; Cleo runs away from home in order to avoid baths. 11/20/2002
E17 Clifford's Cookie Craving; Jetta's Friend Clifford eats the cookie Mr. Bleakman made for the fair; Jetta's pen pal visits. 11/13/2002
E16 Who Moved My Bone?; Clifford the Pirate King Cleo accuses T-Bone of stealing her bone; Clifford helps the children prepare for a party. 11/06/2002
E15 Another Fine Mess; King Mac Emily puts off the responsibility of cleaning her room; Mac takes advantage of his friend's guilt. 10/30/2002
E14 Vaz Goes Down the Tube; Cyber Puppy Problems Vaz becomes too involved with television; Mac worries Jetta loves a toy more than him. 10/23/2002
E13 Clifford's Big Idea; Jetta's Sneak Peak T-Bone discovers he has a special gift; Jetta reads Emily's journal. 10/16/2002
E12 When I Grow Up; Not Now, I'm Busy Jetta gives Charley a hard time; K.C. is too busy to play. 10/09/2002
E11 Cleo Gets a Cone; A Job Well Read Cleo and Mac make fun of a dog wearing a cone collar; Jetta volunteers to watch her baby brother. 10/02/2002
E10 Doggie Detectives; Camping It Up K.C. investigates the disappearance of playground equipment; Jetta's camping experience. 09/25/2002
E9 Princess Cleo; Basketball Stories Cleo's grandmother was a queen; Charley relives a basketball game. 09/18/2002
E8 Embarrassing Moments; Lucky Charm Vaz rips his pants during a soccer game; Emily loses her confidence. 05/30/2002
E7 Big Hearted T-Bone; Cleo's Valentine Surprise T-Bone offers to watch Cleo's niece; Cleo learns to recognize the joy of giving. 05/29/2002
E6 Clifford Grows Up; Jetta's Sweater The Howards move to Birdwell Island; Jetta mistakenly gives Emily a sweater. 05/28/2002
E5 Magic in the Air; Everyone Loves Clifford Charley neglects an assignment because of his interest in magic; Clifford's scratching. 05/27/2002
E4 Stinky Friends; He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman Clifford learns about rules; Emily learns to understand Mr. Bleakman. 05/24/2002
E3 Nothing to Fur but Fur Itself; Jetta's Project A ghost movie scares T-Bone; Jetta wants to win a model-building contest. 05/23/2002
E2 Fan Mail; Hooray for Cleo Emily writes a fan letter; Cleo wants everyone to think she is a beachball star. 05/22/2002
E1 That's Snow Lie; A Friend in Need Cleo fears she will embarrass herself on the ice rink; Jetta wants to be a hero. 05/21/2002