Clubhouse - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E11 Player Rep Pete forges Dean's autograph, and Tavares cannot manage to get out of his slump. 08/04/2005
E10 Old Timer's Day A baseball legend is convinced to come to the ballpark for Old Timers Day. 07/28/2005
E9 Save Situation Pete wants a piece of the action when Lou invests in a real estate deal. 07/21/2005
E8 Stealing Home Pete tries to juggle his longtime girlfriend and a soap opera star. 07/14/2005
E7 Between First & Home Pete agrees to help cover up Tavares' affair by entertaining his girlfriend. 11/20/2004
E6 Road Trip A heartbroken Pete is consoled by his first road trip with the Empires. 11/13/2004
E5 Spectator Interference Pete agrees to run for school president, but Mike's campaign strategy is based on the Empires. 11/06/2004
E4 Trade Talks Pete tries anything to put a stop to rumors that Dean will be traded. 10/19/2004
E3 Chin Music The senior batboys invite Pete to spend a night under the lights. 10/12/2004
E2 Breaking a Slump Pete risks losing his dream job when he tries to save the star player from a bat-corking scandal. 09/28/2004
E1 Pilot Pete is caught up in a player's steroid scandal and must make a tough decision. 09/26/2004