Cold Case - Episode Guide for Season 7

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Shattered Jeffries tries to close a case that has haunted him for 17 years. 05/02/2010
E21 Almost Paradise Investigating the 1989 case of a prom queen who may have been intentionally killed in a hit-and-run. 05/02/2010
E20 Free Love An attraction grows between Rush and FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh as they investigate a soldier's death. 04/11/2010
E19 Bullet After determining a serial killer's identity, the team works with the FBI to apprehend him. 04/04/2010
E18 The Last Drive-In An FBI agent asks the team for help finding a serial killer who has evaded her for 30 years. 03/28/2010
E17 Flashover The team realizes that Nick Vera has hit rock bottom after he goes missing. 03/21/2010
E16 One Fall The team reopens the case of a dock worker who moonlighted as a wrestler until his 1986 death. 03/14/2010
E15 Two Weddings While at a colleague's wedding, the team tries to determine if the bride killed her former fiance. 02/28/2010
E14 Metamorphosis The team looks into the death of a teenage circus aerialist; Rush faces possible charges. 02/21/2010
E13 Bombers Other cases and brewing legal hurdles vex team members as they try to solve a 1983 murder. 02/14/2010
E12 The Runaway Bunny The body of a private investigator is discovered in a demolished building's foundation. 01/17/2010
E11 The Good Soldier Investigating the case of an Army recruiter who was killed two days before being deployed to Iraq. 01/10/2010
E10 Iced The team reopens the 1980 case of a hockey player who was killed at his team's ice rink. 12/13/2009
E9 Forensics The team searches for the killer of a champion debater whom some believed had committed suicide. 12/06/2009
E8 Chinatown Tthe 1983 case of a teenager who was killed before he could get justice for his slain girlfriend. 11/22/2009
E7 Read Between the Lines Investigating the 1991 murder of a foster child who was a talented rapper. 11/15/2009
E6 Dead Heat The team investigates the murder of an accomplished 45-year-old jockey. 11/08/2009
E5 WASP Investigating the 1944 murder of a pilot; Lilly fixates on her nemesis. 11/01/2009
E4 Soul The team investigates the 1970 murder of a musician. 10/25/2009
E3 Jurisprudence The team reopens the case of a teen who was killed at a juvenile detention center. 10/11/2009
E2 Hoodrats Investigating the murder of a teen known for his skateboarding skills. 10/04/2009
E1 The Crossing The team reviews the death of a young woman previously thought to have jumped overboard. 09/27/2009