Crash Canyon - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Confidence Builder 02/05/2012
E12 Ultimate Wedding Chicken 11/27/2011
E11 No Title For this Episode 08/07/2013
E10 He's the Mayor Jake discovers the perks of being Canyon Mayor are not all they're cracked up to be. 11/06/2012
E9 Hex Marks the Spot 11/20/2011
E8 Jake's First Kiss Jake is desperate for a girlfriend and mystified by what it takes to get one. 11/13/2011
E7 No Title For this Episode 07/31/2013
E6 The Big Picture 10/23/2011
E6 No Title For this Episode The canyonites play a competitive game of road hockey for the 'Canyon Cup'. 07/30/2013
E5 Moose on the Loose 10/16/2011
E4 Sid Our Savior Roxy and Jake come across a strange beast, and convince Sheila to let them keep it as a pet. 10/09/2011
E3 The Out of Pantsers 10/02/2011
E2 Poker Night 09/25/2011
E1 Pilot 09/18/2011
E1 No Title For this Episode When Colton consults the stars and declares the date to be February 15th. 08/01/2013