Daddio - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E11 Christmas Quarrel Chris gets so wrapped up in Christmas that he almost ruins the holiday. 12/07/2002
E8 Of Mice and Math The children are having problems at school, but Chris cannot figure out the trouble. 11/23/2002
E4 The Remains of the Day Off Linda tries to give exhausted Chris a day off by taking the children to the beach. 10/23/2000
E3 For Whom the School Bell Tolls Chris frets as the first day of school approaches; Max is terrified of ridicule. 10/16/2000
E2 Pride and Pregnancy Holly chooses a birth coach to replace her husband while he is away on business. 10/09/2000
E1 The Last Temptation of Chris Chris' former boss (Donny Osmond) visits with the job offer of a lifetime. 10/02/2000