Danger Coast - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 No information found. 06/11/2010
E9 No information found. 06/04/2010
E8 A patient's heart must be stabilized so the Fireboat can get him to shore; a worker cuts his thumb. 05/28/2010
E7 A hit and run accident; a boat collision; a yacht fire. 05/21/2010
E6 No information found. 05/14/2010
E5 A violent car crash; a boat with a fuel leak; a man tries to jump from a bridge. 05/07/2010
E4 An unexplained cardiac arrest; a submerged car; a mangrove fire breaks out. 04/30/2010
E3 A party boat capsizes; the crew tries to save the captain of a freighter. 04/23/2010
E2 A woman with a possible spine injury; a fire on a freighter; a fishing boat capsizes. 04/16/2010
E1 A boy dislocates his elbow in a boating accident; a man slices his leg open on a propeller. 04/09/2010