Dead at 21 - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 In Through the Out Door Victor Heisenberg introduces Ed and Maria to two other cybs, but Maria is suspicious. 09/07/1994
E12 In Through the Out Door Ed and Maria are captured by Wilson, who takes them to his bosses. 08/31/1994
E11 Hotel California Ed and Maria head toward the desert in pursuit of a 35-year-old cyb. 08/24/1994
E10 Life During Wartime Ed and Maria enlist the help of Tavis, who is a conspiracy freak. 08/17/1994
E9 Cry Baby Cry Barely escaping the police, the pair finds a baby in the back seat. 08/10/1994
E8 In a Cabin in the Woods Ed and Maria try to rescue Ed's mother, who has been kidnapped by Winston. 08/03/1994
E7 Live for Today Sparks fly between Ed and Maria when they go to the beach to relax. 07/27/1994
E6 Use Your Illusion Ed and Maria discover that they are featured in a comic book. 07/20/1994
E5 Gone, Daddy, Gone Maria takes Ed to her mother's grave; her father betrays them. 07/13/1994
E4 Shock the Monkey Ed and Maria search for Victor Heisenberg's grave in Viper Flats. 07/06/1994
E3 Love Minus Zero Ed and Maria rescue Keri, a 17-year-old girl who is also a Cyb. 06/29/1994
E2 Brain Salad Ed goes to the hospital to see a neurosurgeon; Winston tracks him by computer. 06/22/1994
E1 Pilot Ed runs off with his new friend Maria after being framed for murder. 06/15/1994