Dharma & Greg - Episode Guide for Season 5

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 The Mamas and the Papas Dharma shocks Greg with the revelation she might not want to have children with him. 04/30/2002
E23 The Mamas and the Papas Dharma and Greg consider if they are ready to have a baby and try to make peace between the parents. 04/30/2002
E22 Tuesday's Child A lost girl enters Greg and Dharma's lives, prompting them to think about having children. 04/23/2002
E21 The Parent Trap Dharma offers to help out Greg's ex-secretary, who can't find a job. 04/16/2002
E20 The Tooth Is Out There Larry jumps at the chance to buy his favorite conspiracy theory bookstore. 04/09/2002
E19 This Diamond Ring Dharma takes her engagement ring to a jeweler for cleaning and learns that it is fake. 04/02/2002
E18 Mission: Implausible Dharma gathers the gang to help reluctant Greg rediscover his youth. 04/02/2002
E17 She's With the Band When Dharma fills in as drummer for a rock band, she is eventually caught with them jamming nude. 03/26/2002
E16 I Think, Therefore I Am in Trouble Greg starts having sexual fantasies about a gorgeous new lawyer in his office. 03/19/2002
E15 It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... My Wife Dharma is the inspiration for a comic-book artist's new superheroine. 03/12/2002
E14 Near-Death of a Salesman Edward seeks change when a heart attack forces him to examine his life. 03/05/2002
E13 Protecting the Ego-system Dharma protests the building of an amphitheater on a precious wetland. 01/08/2002
E12 Previously on Dharma & Greg Flashbacks show Dharma's and Greg's lives prior to their meeting. 12/11/2001
E11 A Fish Tale Abby bans Greg from the Finkelstein home when she learns that he and Edward are going fishing. 12/04/2001
E10 Dream a Little Dream of Her Dharma learns that Greg's fantasy girl is violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg. 11/27/2001
E9 Wish We Weren't Here The couple encounters Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo at an airport. 11/20/2001
E8 Home Is Where the Art Is A performance artist (Bodhi Elfman) convinces Dharma to co-star with him in his latest work. 11/13/2001
E7 Used Karma Greg begins dressing and acting strangely after driving Dharma's recently purchased car. 10/30/2001
E6 Try to Remember This Kind of September Dharma's best friend (Juliette Lewis) from her commune days stirs feelings of jealousy. 10/23/2001
E5 Without Reservations Dharma lets an English couple stay in the apartment as though it were a bed-and-breakfast. 10/16/2001
E4 Sexual Healing Dharma's doctor gives her permission to resume sexual relations. 10/09/2001
E3 Papa Was Almost a Rolling Stone Dharma encourages her father, who played in a band before she was born, to return to performing. 10/02/2001
E2 With a Little Help From My Friend Dharma finds happiness in helping others she meets in the hospital. 09/25/2001
E1 Intensive Caring While recovering from an accident, Dharma must use a wheelchair. 09/25/2001