Digimon Adventure - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E33 Showdown in the Sand Zone The enemy surrounds the fusion fighters; Reapmon sacrifices himself for the team. 04/26/2014 10:30AM Sat
E32 Grand Adventure at the Sand Zone Ruins The team falls into an underground Bagra base. 04/12/2014
E31 Fusion Fighters Get Fired Up The Fusion Fighters band together; Angie hears Beastmon talking in her sleep. 04/05/2014
E30 Monitamission Impossible Mikey and the Fusion Fighters must protect the Monitamons' village from an attack. 04/06/2014
E29 Mikey Becomes a Knight Mikey saves Knightmon at the Lake Zone; the Bagra forces attack the castle. 03/29/2014
E28 Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown! Mikey's team must obtain the Warrior Zone's code crown to ensure a princess' safe return. 03/26/2014
E27 Lost in Digital Space While traveling to the next zone, the Fusion Fighters must avoid the Digimon Arukadhimon. 03/23/2014
E26 Dorulumon Runs Like the Wind Mikey and Dorulumon await their fate; Christopher fights Tactimon. 03/22/2014
E25 Disaster in the Dust Zone! AxeKnightmon kidnaps Nene's little brother in an attempt to force Nene to follow his orders. 03/16/2014
E24 Fierce General Tactimon Closes In The team allows itself to be captured in order to learn the location of the Digimon prisons. 03/15/2014
E23 Train of Terror! The Fusion Fighters must work with the Digimon in the Dust Zone to get Mikey's fusion loader. 03/09/2014
E22 Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Angie and Jeremy must perform the Dance of True Heart; entering the jungle's sacred zone. 03/02/2014
E21 Crisis Resolved X4 Christopher offers to help Mikey's team in exchange for the digi-memory card. 03/01/2014
E20 Welcome to the Jungle Zone! The team is separated into two groups when they fall into the Jungle Zone. 02/23/2014
E19 The Digi-Memory Shines Mikey and Shoutmon enter the mouth of Whamon to find the Code Crown. 02/22/2014
E18 Clash in the Clouds Mikey convinces Shoutmon to join Sparrowmon against their common enemy. 02/17/2014
E17 A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone! Lucemon reveals his wicked nature shortly after being elected the new president of the Sky Zone. 02/17/2014
E16 Island Zone in Chaos! Mikey and Team Fusion Heart look for the Island Zone's Code Crown. 02/15/2014
E15 Trouble in Paradise Laylamon forces Mikey and his friends to go to the Sky Zone, where the police presence is strong. 12/22/2013
E14 Showdown in the Sand Zone! Enemies surround Mikey's team, but when Pharaohmon arrives, the team manages to escape. 12/15/2013
E13 Mikey, Warrior of Light! While exiting the ruins, Mikey's team is fired upon by Reapmon. 12/08/2013
E12 Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My! Mikey's team searches for treasure in the Sand Zone; the team falls into an underground Bagra base. 12/01/2013
E11 Ice to See You, Angie! When Angie starts hearing Beastmon in her sleep, she begins to fear for the future of the DigiWorld. 11/24/2013
E10 The Rival Champions! Mikey saves Knightmon from a lake of ice; Knightmon takes Mikey to his castle. 11/17/2013
E9 Dorulumon's True Colors! Christopher causes a distraction, giving Mikey's friends a chance to attempt a rescue. 11/10/2013
E8 Meltdown in the Magma Zone! AncientVolcamon threatens to destroy one of the Magma Zone caves with the team inside. 11/05/2013
E7 Danger Erupts Mikey's team arrives in the Magma Zone; SkullMeramon tries to capture Mikey and his team. 11/03/2013
E6 Crisis or Conquest When Mikey's team is surrounded by Seadramons, Christopher appears and offers to help. 10/27/2013
E5 Thanks for the Digicards Neptunemon discovers that the Code Crown is inside Whamon; Mikey and Shoutmon seek the crown. 10/20/2013
E4 Island Zone in Chaos! Mikey and his friends transfer to the Island Zone in search of the Code Crown. 10/13/2013
E3 A Rival Appears Drimogemon attacks the village; Mikey, Angie, Jeremy and the Digimon must work together to survive. 09/28/2013
E2 He Is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar The Bagra Army attacks the village where Shoutmon lives; Shoutmon wants to be the king. 09/14/2013
E1 Mikey Goes to Another World Mikey meets a kind Digimon who needs help to battle a Digimon of the evil Bagra Empire. 09/07/2013