Disaster DIY - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 Appalling Apprentice Steve tries to build a deck to impress his future mother-in-law. 05/19/2011
E25 Drop of Death A second-story decks needs repair. 05/12/2011
E24 Slacker Siding A couple who wants to turn their cottage into a home. 05/12/2011
E23 The Ugly Deck-ling Completing a disastrous deck. 05/05/2011
E22 Bunkhouse Breakdown A tool shed is converted into a bubbly bunkie. 05/05/2011
E21 Busted Brother Robyn's vacation comes to a halt. 04/28/2011
E20 Junky Bunkie Sam converts a tool shed into private space. 04/28/2011
E19 Bathroom Cop Out Bryan shows the safe way to fix DIY mistakes. 04/21/2011
E18 Little Sister, Big Reno Maya needs to learn to love interior design. 04/21/2011
E17 Off the Beaten Bath A perfectionist cannot finish projects. 04/14/2011
E16 Hairy Scary Reno A hairdresser's wife wants a functioning kitchen. 04/14/2011
E15 Battered Basement Bryan tries to save a family from a reno gone wrong. 04/07/2011
E14 Arrested Renovation Renovating an over-shared bathroom and a basement family room. 04/07/2011
E13 Boss of Bryan A woman's neglect of her backyard needs to be addressed. 12/30/2010
E12 Kitchen Impossible Bryan tries to save a family from a renovation disaster and teach the DIY-er to fix their own mess. 12/23/2010
E11 Donald's Dilemma 12/16/2010
E10 The Imperfectionist 12/09/2010
E9 Barely Backyard 12/02/2010
E8 Engagement Under Construction Maria wants to borrow a professional contractor. 11/25/2010
E7 Rocky Horror Reno 11/18/2010
E6 Beginner Bathroom Baby Claire's dream master bathroom is becoming a nightmare. 11/11/2010
E5 Clueless Kitchen 11/04/2010
E4 Basement Battle Christine decided to renovate her entire basement and now her family is left with an unusable space. 10/28/2010
E3 Lackluster Laundry A laundry room started three years ago. 10/21/2010
E2 Basement Bedlam Grant needs help with his basement. 10/14/2010
E1 Kitchen Crash Amanda attempts to redo her kitchen. 10/07/2010