Divine Restoration - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Hurst Chapel AME A kitchen is added to the learning center at Hurst Chapel AME in downtown Orlando, Fla. 08/18/2008
E12 Pine Hills Community Church An embarrassing clothing pantry is transformed to a new and welcoming boutique. 08/11/2008
E11 Greater Thankful Baptist A second story of Greater Thankful Baptist is turned into a new family center. 08/04/2008
E10 Rising Star United Members of Rising Star United church in Hobson City, Ala. create a computer center. 07/14/2008
E9 No Title For this Episode A space for seniors is created at Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church. 07/07/2008
E8 No Title For this Episode Old Ship AME Zion in Montgomery gets help transforming a Sunday School room. 06/30/2008
E7 No Title For this Episode Grace Restoration in Toronto gets a men's center created from an empty space. 06/23/2008
E6 No Title For this Episode A multi-purpose room for youths is created in Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene in Toronto. 06/16/2008
E5 No Title For this Episode Foster Memorial AME Zion Church and its role in African-American history. 06/09/2008
E4 Bronx Christian Fellowship Believers Christian Fellowship Church get a new lobby and fellowship hall. 06/02/2008
E3 Love Fellowship Tabernacle Creating a space for youth music, dance and art programs at Brooklyn's Lover Fellowship Tabernacle. 05/26/2008
E2 Living Hope Living Hope is remodeled to add space for the Toronto Children's Concert Choir. 05/19/2008
E1 Ossington Baptist Church The restoration team assists the elders of Ossington Baptist Church create a fitness center. 05/12/2008