DIY to the Rescue - Episode Guide for Season 9

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Better Access to Outside A backyard entertaining area. 07/08/2009
E12 Artful Living Karl and Amy show homeowners how to turn a cold, dark log cabin into a cozy cottage. 06/26/2009
E11 All Washed Up Fixing a laundry room that is a health hazard for a couple with a new baby on the way. 06/26/2009
E10 Blissful Bonus Room The crew help a couple turn their basement into a family-friendly den. 06/24/2009
E9 Not Just Child's Play Amy and the team help a couple finish the basement renovations they started over three years prior. 06/24/2009
E8 Restoration Revival The DIY crew help a family finish salvaging their fire-damaged home. 06/19/2009
E7 Backyard Blemish to Beauty Creating a plan to convert backyard blemish into a safe, stimulating environment for children. 06/19/2009
E6 Divine Dining Room Amy and the crew come to help a family whose dining room floor is falling apart from termite damage. 06/17/2009
E5 Multi-Purpose Paradise An unorganized bonus room is transformed into an efficient multi-purpose space. 06/17/2009
E4 Kid Safe Play Space The crew helps a couple turn a dangerous garage into a kid-friendly play space. 06/12/2009
E3 Foyer Enjoyment The crew help bring elegance to an entrance hall that doubles as a storage and laundry room. 06/12/2009
E2 Dad's Surprise Sanctuary A family works to turn a basement room into a fun haven for a cancer survivor. 06/10/2009
E1 Room for Two A couple must turn their dangerous basement into a safe and functional space for their twin sons. 06/10/2009