Dr. Phil - Episode Guide for Season 12

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E144 My Beauty Queen Baby Girl Has Gone Ballistic 04/25/2014
E143 The Boy Under the Stairs Exclusive 04/24/2014
E142 Beauty and the OCD Beast 04/23/2014
E141 A Mom's Dangerous Decision, a Daughter Damaged Forever 04/22/2014
E140 A Lying, Stealing, Cheating Girlfriend ... or a Paranoid, Obsessed Boyfriend? 04/21/2014
E139 Bait-and-Switch Bride? Ben says his wife changed for the worse as soon as they got married; she says he is a narcissist. 04/18/2014
E138 My Sloppy, Lazy, Mooching Daughter Needs to Move Out! Ali refuses to go to college or get a job, steals from her parents and hangs out with a bad crowd. 04/17/2014
E137 Should I Marry My Controlling, Alienating, Jealous Fiance? El Dr. Phil McGraw les ofrece consejos a personas con problemas controversiales. 04/16/2014
E137 I'm Over It! Cara says her mother-in-law refuses to respect boundaries; Ronnie Dunn performs. 04/16/2014
E136 Should I Marry My Controlling, Alienating, Jealous Fiance? Tiffany's extremely controlling fiance loses his temper with a "Dr. Phil" producer. 04/15/2014
E136 I'm Over It! El Dr. Phil McGraw les ofrece consejos a personas con problemas controversiales. 04/15/2014
E135 I'm Afraid My Husband Is Going to Kill Me Caitlin says her husband abuses her verbally and physically, causing the loss of their unborn baby. 04/14/2014
E134 My Dad Abandoned Me, and My Mom Threw Me in a Shelter Diane says her 17-year-old daughter is an out-of-control drug abuser whose life is in danger. 04/11/2014
E133 You're Not Hot Enough Jessica, mother of two children and primary breadwinner of her family, needs a makeover. 04/10/2014
E132 Kitchen Nightmares' Most Controversial Couple on the Defensive A couple say they have been threatened and harassed after being depicted as villains on reality TV. 04/09/2014
E131 Dr. Phil's 2000th Show Dr. Phil celebrates a milestone with favorite guests, inspiring success stories and amazing prizes. 04/08/2014
E130 Absent Dad or Alienating Mom and Mother-in-Law? Candace says her ex abandoned their special-needs baby to be with his new wife. 04/07/2014
E129 Charlie Brandt: Killer Child to Serial Killer? And, the Murder of Baby Elaina A boy who murdered his mother grows up to kill his wife and her niece before committing suicide. 04/03/2014
E128 Fighting Fiances: Ready for the Altar or Running for the Hills? Sheryl called off her wedding because she and her fiance constantly argue about money. 04/02/2014
E127 Wedding Day Disaster: A Family Torn Apart The bride and her uncle were run over by a minivan at the wedding reception. 04/01/2014
E126 I Fear My Daughter Will Be Kidnapped and Forced Into Sex Trafficking Dee says she was forced to work in a brothel and fears her daughter may be headed for the same fate. 03/31/2014
E125 Sexual Standoffs Reagan says he turns to gambling and other women for an adrenaline rush. 03/26/2014
E124 Animal Obsessed Gary says he is part human and part dog and tries to live as much like a canine as possible. 03/25/2014
E123 An Accused Man Dead: Murder or Suicide? A man accused of child molestation is found dead in a field from a gunshot wound to the chest. 03/24/2014
E122 The Fight Over Justina: Medical Child Abuse by Parents or Abuse of Power by a Hospital? A couple battle the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the custody of their ill teen daughter. 03/17/2014
E121 My Head-Butting, Punching, Kicking, Bruising, Biting, Knife-Wielding 8-Year-Old Dawn says she fears her violent 8-year-old son, who flies into rages and has threatened to kill her. 03/13/2014
E120 I Think My Daughter-in-Law Poisoned My Son to Death Fawn admits that she was with her 36-year-old estranged husband the night he died. 03/12/2014
E119 My Husband Wants Me to Look Like Beyoncé Lawrence Zarian gives a guest a makeover; Ruben Studdard and David Foster perform. 03/11/2014
E118 Best Friend Killers: What Happened to Skylar Neese? A 16-year-old's two best friends stab her to death; family members and friends discuss the tragedy. 03/10/2014
E117 Ultimate Betrayal: Forced to Kill His Father Corey says that, when he was 10, his abusive stepmother manipulated him into shooting his father. 03/06/2014
E116 Party Mom: Did She Put Her Children in Danger? A woman claims her mother goes out drinking several days a week, leaving her to care for siblings. 03/05/2014
E115 Restraining Orders, Alleged Kidnappings and Hit With a Car: A Marriage of Accusations A man accuses his estranged wife of violent behavior, while she says he raped and abused her. 03/04/2014
E114 I'm Worried My Daughter May Turn Into a Terrorist A woman disapproves of her daughter's decision to convert to Islam. 03/03/2014
E113 A Husband's Decade of Deceit: Uncovering 1,000 Affairs? Deb says her husband's tangled web of lies and sexual affairs spanned more than a decade. 02/28/2014
E112 Beautiful People in an Ugly Divorce, With a Baby Trapped in the Middle Debra says her son-in-law is a sociopath and she fears for the safety of her daughter and grandson. 02/27/2014
E111 A Lying, Cheating, Violent Husband or a Wife's False Accusations? Bob's wife lashes out at him daily, leading to violent arguments in front of their young daughter. 02/26/2014
E110 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder: The Polygraph Results Teen Josh tries to set the record straight on what happened the night he last saw his stepbrother. 02/25/2014
E109 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder A man turns in his teen son for the brutal beating death of his young stepson, then confesses. 02/24/2014
E108 My Husband's Secret Life Revealed A husband and father communicates with men online, looking for sex, and downloads child pornography. 02/21/2014
E107 Facing Off With My Polygamous FLDS Father Rebecca Musser discusses the abuse she says she endured at the hands of fellow FLDS members. 02/20/2014
E106 Fugitive Mom A divorced mother has been living on the run, facing up to 45 years in prison for attempted murder. 02/19/2014
E105 Is Her Mother a Monster, or Is This Daughter Having False Memories?: The Polygraph Results Tracy's mother vehemently denies killing a young girl and burying her in the backyard. 02/18/2014
E104 Sex Abuse and Murder: A Daughter's Repressed Memories or Lies? Tracy thinks her mom murdered a child and buried her in the yard; her mother says she is delusional. 02/17/2014
E103 An Obsessed Love Triangle Sandie's ex-husband's former girlfriend is stalking her, and she wants her prosecuted. 02/14/2014
E102 Young, Privileged and in a Deadly Gang The family of a 16-year-old gang member urges him to turn his life around. 02/13/2014
E101 My Ex Is Slowly Killing Our Daughter Pam says her ex enables their 23-year-old daughter's addiction by giving her money to use for drugs. 02/12/2014
E100 My Ex Brainwashed My Son! The Teen Boy Speaks Out Minny's teen son tells why he shot himself and whether he is ready to let her back into his life. 02/11/2014
E99 Was Her Son Kidnapped and Put in a Cult? Minny says her teen son's father abducted him and put him in what she calls a Mormon cult. 02/10/2014
E98 Child Molester or Innocent Soldier Accused? A couple say their son's wife coerced her child into making false claims of molestation against him. 02/07/2014
E97 Caught on Camera: Abused Wife or Abused Husband? You Decide Marie says she is terrified of her violent husband and details his abuse of her. 02/06/2014
E96 Love Scams: A Mother Hooked by a Catfish? A 56-year-old widow has given her life savings to a "boyfriend" she has never met in person. 02/05/2014
E95 My Family Slaughtered for My Daughter's Teenage Love: Can a Father Forgive? Erin Caffey discusses her role in the brutal murders of her mother and younger brothers. 02/04/2014
E94 A Family Slaughtered for Teen Love: The Convicted Daughter Speaks Out Erin Caffey speaks out from prison about the night her boyfriend and accomplices killed her family. 02/03/2014
E93 The Darkness of Riches: From Victims to Victors The mother of teen twin heirs tells of battling the bank for control of her children's trust funds. 01/31/2014
E92 The Darkness of Riches: Born Billionaires but Starved, Abused and Locked in a Basement Teen twins tell of the abuse they suffered at the hands of their father. 01/30/2014
E91 Toxic and Offensive In-Laws Angie says her mother-in-law is rude, judgmental and constantly meddles in her life. 01/29/2014
E90 Pregnant and Abusing Drugs: The Ultimatum Dr. Phil issues pregnant, drug-abusing Sara and her sister an ultimatum. 01/28/2014
E89 Pregnant and Out of Control: Will Her Baby Be Addicted? Pregnant Sara says she is not worried about her illegal drug use and says her baby will be fine. 01/27/2014
E88 My Teen Daughter Faked Two Pregnancies Nineteen-year-old Nicki faces her family after having recently faked a pregnancy and childbirth. 01/24/2014
E87 A Daughter's Dark Memory: Why Doesn't Her Mother Remember? Tammy insists she had no idea that her husband was beating and molesting her daughter. 01/23/2014
E86 Mooching, Stealing, Sloppy Son: Should They Kick Him Out? Brandi and her fiance are on the verge of splitting up because of the tension her son causes. 01/22/2014
E85 Life out of Order Because of My Disorder: Addicted to Pregnancy Liz's marriage is on the verge of divorce because of her many addictions and illnesses. 01/21/2014
E84 Broken Nose, Broken Marriage Danielle says her husband is jealous and abusive, but she still wants to save their marriage. 01/20/2014
E83 Elkhart 4: Justice or Overkill? After five young people break into a home and one is shot, the others are charged with his murder. 01/17/2014
E82 Stabbed and Abandoned/Addicted to Video Games? Shannon says her family did not visit her in the hospital after her ex-boyfriend nearly killed her. 01/16/2014
E81 Bad Teen or Bad Mom? Fifteen-year-old Baylea's out-of-control rages are sometimes so violent that police must intervene. 01/15/2014
E80 Hoarding Chew and Spit Bags: My Daughter's Eating Disorder Is Slowly Killing Her Stefany says she fears for the life of her 17-year-old, who has had an eating disorder since age 5. 01/14/2014
E79 Spankings, Secrets, a SWAT Standoff: A Family Torn Apart Mindy says her children are afraid of their father's violent behavior. 01/13/2014
E78 Double Trouble: Teen Sisters Out of Control Kristen says her nieces are angry, violent teens who abuse drugs and have been expelled from school. 01/10/2014
E77 I Swear I'm Being Cyber Stalked, Wiretapped and Followed A man says an unknown group of people have stalked, wiretapped and terrorized him for four years. 01/09/2014
E76 A Father Accused: Did He Molest His Children? Adam denies raping his wife and molesting their two toddlers, saying his wife is mentally unstable. 01/08/2014
E75 Fat, Furious and Fed Up Dr. Travis Stork helps 400-pound Robert and 300-pound Rose learn healthier eating habits. 01/07/2014
E74 Reckless Runaway Teen Parents say that even a GPS tracking anklet has not prevented 16-year-old Caitlin from running away. 01/06/2014
E73 Amber Portwood: Teen Mom Out of Prison ... Now What? Amber Portwood ("Teen Mom") discusses addiction, anger issues and prison. 12/20/2013
E72 Obsessed and Over It A woman who can't stop picking at her skin; perfectionism threatens to destroy a relationship. 12/19/2013
E71 Haunted By the Evidence: Why Was My Brother Killed? A man is determined to prove his brother's death was a homicide. 12/18/2013
E70 A Husband's Betrayal: Lies, Secret Video Tapes and Financial Ruin A woman discovers her husband has spent almost all of their money on his multiple affairs. 12/17/2013
E69 A 26-Year Age Divide: Can This Couple Be Saved? A 24-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man with a volatile relationship. 12/16/2013
E68 A High School Homecoming, a Rape and a Ruined Relationship Brianna says two classmates raped her, and her mother made her share her story with the media. 12/13/2013
E67 Give Me Back My Child Rabecca says her mother tricked her into giving her custody of her 4-year-old daughter. 12/12/2013
E66 16 and on the Path of Destruction Kelly says her teen is suicidal, cuts herself and has overdosed on prescription drugs. 12/11/2013
E65 I Did Not Try to Blind My Wife Heather says her new husband is abusive and she fears that he will seriously hurt or kill her. 12/10/2013
E64 Violent Vixen Parents say their teen became violent and out of control during their contentious divorce. 12/09/2013
E63 Twin Trouble and Marriage Misery Competitive twins and triplets say their relationships are suffering. 12/06/2013
E62 Pregnant in Handcuffs: Shopping Outrage or Innocent Mistake? A ballplayer, two actors and a young mother say they were victims of racial profiling. 12/05/2013
E61 Scandals Ripped From the Headlines Kimberly is accused of throwing an alcohol-filled party with 26 teens in her home. 12/04/2013
E60 Parents Divided Over Disowning Their Son A man wants to cut his angry, violent young-adult son out of his life. 12/03/2013
E59 Love, Lies and Murder: Killer Doctor's Daughter Reacts to Mistress Interview A daughter of Dr. Martin MacNeill tells why she helped prosecutors build a case against him. 12/02/2013
E58 My Husband Shot Me; My Husband Killed My Kids Samantha's war-veteran husband shot her with an AK-47, destroying her legs. 11/29/2013
E57 Inside the Baseball Wife's Assault on Her Pitcher Husband Anna Benson tells of showing up heavily armed at the home of her estranged husband. 11/27/2013
E56 Pageant Mom: Did She Put Her Daughter in Danger? A pageant mom wants a website to remove a sexually suggestive post featuring her child's photo. 11/26/2013
E55 Did She Marry an Imposter? A man accused of impersonating a doctor, a professional hockey player and a wealthy businessman. 11/25/2013
E54 Dump Your Fiancee Now! Tone and John fear that their brother's fiancee has a negative influence on him. 11/22/2013
E53 Midlife Marriage Meltdown: Torn Between Two Men Judy's husband of 30 years had a midlife crisis and an affair and filed for divorce. 11/21/2013
E52 My Mother-in-Law Believes I'm a Killer Ty's mother has made accusations against his wife, including involvement in her other son's death. 11/20/2013
E51 The Doctor, His Wife, His Mistress, the Murder Gypsy Willis, the former mistress of a doctor recently convicted in the 2007 murder of his wife. 11/19/2013
E50 Survivor Winner's Losing Battle The family of "Survivor: China" winner Todd Herzog say he is a dangerous alcoholic. 11/18/2013
E49 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios: The Polygraph Results Parents do not believe that their 19-year-old son committed suicide; witnesses take polygraph tests. 11/15/2013
E48 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios Parents do not believe that their 19-year-old son committed suicide; witnesses take polygraph tests. 11/14/2013
E47 Feuding Exes: Children Caught in the Crossfire A 9-year-old and a 15-year-old are stuck in the middle of their parents' messy divorce. 11/13/2013
E46 A Sister Intervention: The Boyfriend's Sordid Past Revealed Emily and Lori meet their sister Kim's boyfriend and learn a shocking secret about his past. 11/12/2013
E45 From Housewife to Secret Sex Life: A Sister Intervention Women say they worry about their sister's child being exposed to her new, alternative lifestyle. 11/11/2013
E44 A Husband Obsessed, a Wife Accused Dr. Phil examines Mike's "evidence" that he says proves his wife is unfaithful. 11/08/2013
E43 Spies, Suspicions and Sexual Accusations Cindy says her husband constantly accuses her of cheating and spies on her. 11/07/2013
E42 Chained, Tortured and Starved: The First Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Reveals All Ariel Castro abduction survivor Michelle Knight reveals details of more than a decade of captivity. 11/06/2013
E41 Exclusive: Ariel Castro's First Victim Speaks Out Ariel Castro abduction survivor Michelle Knight reveals acts of cruelty. 11/05/2013
E40 Starving Myself, Killing My Family An anorexic, bulimic woman could die at any time; a woman's eating disorder left her brain damaged. 11/04/2013
E39 Parental Alienation: Who's to Blame? Sara says her ex has brainwashed and alienated their grown children against her. 11/01/2013
E38 An Online Imposter Faked Her Death and Sent Me Ashes A catfish who orchestrated several online dating deceptions faces her victims. 10/31/2013
E37 Love Scams: My Mother Chose Her Catfish Over Her Family A private investigator tracks down a 65-year-old widow's Internet boyfriend. 10/30/2013
E36 Abandoned by Their Mother: Reunion Aftermath/Exclusive: Baby Veronica Returns A 19-year-old meets the mother who gave her up; the custody battle involving baby Veronica. 10/29/2013
E35 When Love Hurts Courtney must decide whether to return to her husband, who has been convicted of domestic assault. 10/28/2013
E34 Teen Mom: Should They Kick Her Out? Valerie says her 19-year-old daughter is a lazy, irresponsible mother; actor Antonio Sabato Jr. 10/25/2013
E33 My Mother-in-Law Destroyed My Marriage Joey blames his wife's mother for the failure of his marriage. 10/24/2013
E32 Stepparent Abuse? Brenda and Drew are at odds over the way Brenda says he treats her two children. 10/23/2013
E31 Stepdad Takes On Dr. Phil Brenda claims her husband, Drew, physically and verbally abuses her son and ridicules her daughter. 10/22/2013
E30 Dad's Wife Is Ruining Our Life Allan wants a better relationship with his 38-year-old twin daughters. 10/21/2013
E29 Bitter and Twisted Alysia says her mother neglected her and her siblings, leaving her to be the mother figure. 10/18/2013
E28 My Husband, My Boyfriend, My Big Decision Lisa says her husband is abusive and controlling, sending her into the arms of her boyfriend. 10/17/2013
E27 Saving Loni: From the Suburbs to the Slums A couple say their 20-year-old daughter went from being a straight-A student to a heroin addict. 10/16/2013
E26 Cold Case Mystery: A Family Divided Family members take polygraph tests in an unsolved murder case. 10/15/2013
E25 Torn Between My Mother and My Boyfriend Michele wants her daughter to leave her registered sex-offender boyfriend for her 4-year-old's sake. 10/14/2013
E24 Cougar Confessions/The Pippi Longstocking Sex Tape Scandal "Golden Sisters" Mary, Josie and Teresa; women who date much younger men; actress Tami Erin. 10/11/2013
E23 Pregnant at 11 At 11 years old, Hope got pregnant with then 13-year-old Bailey's child. 10/10/2013
E22 Threats, Fights and Videotape Two couples' explosive fights are caught on tape and destroying their marriages. 10/09/2013
E21 Munchausen Mom Tina's syndrome causes her to harm herself to get attention; Samantha fakes illnesses. 10/08/2013
E20 Pretty Mean Girls A young woman verbally and physically attacks people, including complete strangers. 10/07/2013
E19 Ask Dr. Phil A woman wonders whether she should marry her brother-in-law to fulfill her sister's dying wish. 10/04/2013
E18 A Drunken Mother's Rage Jessica's fiance says her anger and drinking are out of control, causing chaos in their family. 10/03/2013
E17 Death in 6 Seconds: A Night of Drinking, a Lifetime of Regret The only survivor of a drunken driving accident tells of her subsequent reckless behavior. 10/02/2013
E16 Dangerous and Violent Love Woman says she is terrified of her abusive, controlling boyfriend but is too fearful to leave him. 10/01/2013
E15 Topless Photo Scandal: Beauty Queen Victim or Girl Gone Wild? Beauty queen says her career was ruined when pageant officials were sent compromising photos of her. 09/30/2013
E14 Explosive Anger Two survivors of a road-rage incident caught on tape tell their story. 09/27/2013
E13 Debt Denial?/Mama's Boy Moocher A woman living the high life suddenly falls deep in debt when her husband files for divorce. 09/26/2013
E12 Rapper DMX: Disclosed: The Man Behind the Crime Headlines Rapper DMX discusses his drug addiction, erratic behavior and arrests. 09/25/2013
E11 Dropout Daughter: Confronting the Boyfriend Parents confront teen daughter's much-older boyfriend for the first time; Nick Carter performs. 09/24/2013
E10 Nick Carter Tells All About Hitting Rock Bottom Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys discusses his struggles with drugs and alcohol. 09/23/2013
E9 The Bitter Battle Over Modern Family's Ariel Winter Ariel Winter's mother, who lost custody of her amid accusations of physical and verbal abuse. 09/20/2013
E8 Dangerous Online Obsession The parents of a teen who was abducted and killed come forward to share their heartbreaking story. 09/19/2013
E7 Dangerous Online Obsession A mother learns the details of her 17-year-old daughter's online and offline activities. 09/18/2013
E6 Still Missing: Where Is 7-Year-Old Kyron? The parents of a missing child say his stepmother may know more than she is admitting. 09/17/2013
E5 Outrageous Monster-in-Law Khalood Is Back! Self-professed monster-in-law Khalood returns with shocking news. 09/16/2013
E4 Football Star Accused: The Alleged Victim Speaks Out A girl says four classmates raped her while she was intoxicated; the mother of a suicide victim. 09/13/2013
E3 Football Star Accused: Did He Do It? A teen football star accused of rape, his parents and his accuser speak out. 09/12/2013
E2 Love Scams: Courted by a Catfish? Guests' loved ones fear that online con artists are deceiving them. 09/11/2013
E1 Tragic Beauty: The Exclusive Story of a Bachelorette's Suicide "The Bachelor" star Gia Allemand's mother discusses her recent suicide. 09/10/2013