Dragon Ball Z Kai - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E21 Peace for the Future!; The Spirit of Goku Is Forever! Trunks returns to the future to settle unfinished business; Goku adjusts to his new surroundings. 02/08/2013
E20 A Bittersweet Victory!; Until We Meet Again! After the battle, Dende heals the injured and summons the magic Dragon Balls. 01/01/2012
E19 Combine Your Strength!; The Final Kame-hame-ha! Cell returns with intentions to destroy Earth; Gohan summons a wave to help save the world. 12/23/2011
E18 A Hero's Sacrifice!; Last Chance to Save the World! Gohan defeats Cell; Cell has one last trick up his sleeve; Goku must prepare to make a sacrifice. 12/22/2011
E17 Perfections' End!; A Fury Beyond Super Saiyan! Cell reveals the full force of his power; Gohan remains brave in the face of danger. 12/21/2011
E16 Unleash the Warrior Within!; Gohan Takes the Offensive! Gohan's rage boils over as he races to rescue his friends; new powers are tested in a battle. 12/20/2011
E15 Tears for an Android!; Gohan's Inner Rage Bursts Forth! Android 16 tries to take out the bad guy; Cell summons his minions. 12/19/2011
E14 Get Angry, Gohan!; Release Your Hidden Power! Gohan replaces his father in a match against Cell; Gohan must unleash his inner fury. 11/25/2011
E13 The Opening Round Is Concluded!; Goku's Moment of Decision! Goku and Cell battle until both warriors are weary; Goku retires. 11/17/2011
E12 Battle at the Highest Level!; Goku Goes All Out! Goku and Cell have a ferocious fight; the battle ring is blown up. 11/16/2011
E11 Showdown!; Cell vs. Goku! Goku and Cell prepare to battle; the fighters are hesitant to reveal their true powers. 11/10/2011
E10 Hercule Takes the Stage!; The Curtain Rises on the Cell Games A hulking human is set to be the first challenger in the tournament against Cell. 11/09/2011
E9 A New Guardian!; The Return of the Dragon Balls! Goku scours the galaxy in search of the Namekians; a martial artist enters Cell's tournament. 11/03/2011
E8 The Truce Is Broken!; The Defense Force Strikes Back at Cell! The army launches an attack on Cell; Goku plans to revive the magic dragon balls. 11/02/2011
E7 Training Complete!; Goku Sizes Up the Competition! Goku and Gohan emerge from training; Goku is unsure if his new strength can defeat cell. 10/27/2011
E6 Cell Invades the Airwaves!; Announcing, `The Cell Games' Cell announces a plan for an epic martial arts tournament. 10/26/2011
E5 The Strongest Super Saiyan!; Trunks' Power Unleashed! Goku and Gohan continue training; Trunks learns a hard lesson. 10/20/2011
E4 Vegeta's Final Push!; Defeat the Invisible Cell Vegeta unleashes an attack leaving Cell shorthanded. 10/19/2011
E3 The Tables Are Turned!; Witness the Power of Perfection! Gohan uses past failures to make a breakthrough; Vegeta is no match for Cell's perfect form. 10/10/2011
E2 The Battle Turns for the Worst...; Cell Attacks Android 18! Cell goads Vegeta into allowing him to achieve his perfect form; Android 18's resistance fails. 08/04/2011
E1 Cell on the Verge of Defeat!; Krillin, Destroy Android 18! Gohan struggles to achieve Super Saiyan status; Vegeta considers allowing Cell to attain his form. 08/03/2011