Drop 5 lbs With Good Housekeeping - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Tame Your Cravings Texas chicken burgers with baked beans and oven-baked french fries; fruit-filled sangria. 03/30/2013
E12 Be Sweet to Your Waistline Apple oat Crisp; whole grain ginger snaps. 02/09/2013
E11 Fat Can Be Your Drop 5 Friend Fight fat on your waist with fat on your plate. The Drop 5 team helps you lose weight. 01/26/2013
E10 Find Your Balance What a balanced diet looks like on the plate; balance in a ball routine; outdoor meal choices. 03/24/2012
E9 Start The Day Off Right Best take-out breakfast choices; a park's landscape for a full workout. 03/17/2012
E8 Working Hard and Living Healthy The perfect morning walk; how to transform a fat-filled sandwich into a healthy one. 03/10/2012
E7 Energize Your Life An exercise routine that gives energy; Aarti recipes that are full of flavor and energy. 03/03/2012
E6 Mom, Around Town The perfect exercises to help reduce the fatigue from a hectic day; strength training solutions. 02/25/2012
E5 Now That's Convenient The top 5 frozen vegetables; some go-to foods while on-the-go; best choices for Chinese take-out. 02/18/2012
E4 Snack Attack 100 calories munchies list; top yogurts and toppings; most beneficial workout plans. 02/11/2012
E3 Avoid the Party Pounds Samantha Cassetty shows 5 ways to party-proof a diet; a lesson in lower-calorie liquids. 02/04/2012
E2 Keep It Off Fruits and veggies to fill the basket; secrets to circuit training; raising the salad bar. 01/28/2012
E1 No Title For this Episode Getting a right start in the new year. 01/21/2012