Due South - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Hunting Season Fraser uncovers secrets about a female Mountie who arrives in Chicago. 12/10/1998
E12 Say Amen A teenage miracle-worker's boyfriend is accused of murdering a church aide. 12/09/1998
E11 Good for the Soul Ray arrests a mob boss for minor assault, and Fraser resolves to make it stick. 12/07/1998
E10 Dead Men Don't Throw Rice A murder-for-hire business has a unique body-disposal system. 11/04/1998
E9 Call of the Wild Fraser and Kowalski pursue an arms dealer to the Yukon with the help of Frobisher and Muldoon. 05/11/1998
E8 Call of the Wild An investigation leads to an arms smuggling operation and the real Ray Vecchio. 05/04/1998
E7 Mountie Sings the Blues Fraser and Kowalski must protect a country music star receiving death threats. 04/27/1998
E6 Mojo Rising After a voodoo priest dies in a cell, his body disappears from the morgue. 04/20/1998
E5 The Ladies' Man Ray has misgivings about evidence against a woman who is about to be executed. 03/23/1998
E4 Odds The Feds want to use a glamorous gambler as bait for a fugitive. 03/16/1998
E3 A Likely Story After his pretzel-vendor pal is gunned down, Fraser learns he was a millionaire. 03/02/1998
E2 Easy Money Fraser must protect his friend from a criminal when the two men witness a jewelry heist. 02/23/1998
E1 Dr. Longball Welsh's brother calls for big-city backup to catch baseball-team saboteurs. 01/26/1998